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Nov 1, Kanagawa: Forecast highs of 25 for the next four days. That's a good 5C above average. Lows in the mid teens.

Nov 9, Kanagawa: Highs still over 20, but that's about to change. It's been a very warm fall so far. Today, still walking around without a coat, wearing shorts at home.

Nov 11, Kanagawa: Colder weather moving in. Low last night 12, high to be 17, but windy and mostly cloudy. Saw a cormorant yesterday.

Nov 15, NR: Pretty intense lightning storm about a week ago - was doing the 101, 102 ... to check distance of lightning, then had a wa-bang! Not big wind thankfully so power stayed on. Having another hot burst now, but the brutal Nov temps i'd feared haven't really eventuated. Last week was mid-20s, very pleasant. Today though was hot, 34C. Needed to get some posts concreted in before forecast rain so got up a 5.45am to beat the heat & the rain. Rain never came, but the heat did. It's still hot & humid at 11pm. Feels like a possibly severe storm could in the back of this when it breaks, probably tomorrow. Big influx of friar birds this year. My rail has disappeared for a couple of weeks - might be sitting on eggs. Still rails around, but not my tame one. No snakes, which is unusual - well not venomous ones - had a couple of pythons. Haven't seen dingo again after it appeared that day a few weeks ago. Plenty of rain in the forecast so the dire El Nino predictions of hot & dry summer are not really eventuating so far. Grass is growing much quicker now. Zucchini are fruiting. Peaches turning red. Small avocado on 'new' tree though old one, which produced well in other years, looks almost dead.

Nov 17, Kanagawa: Very odd weather patterns. The previous 48 hours saw a cold front move in from the NW, now a southern front is moving in. It's 7:20 PM and temps are rising. Winds in from the south, forecast to increase dramatically over the next 12-24 hours. It was around 13C all day, now 15, and not falling overnight. Highs for the next five days between 18-21 with high southern wind. That's 2-3 degrees above normal. Saw flocks of migrating birds over the bay, but could not make them out. Fairly big flocks. Duck pattern. Do cormorants fly in flocks like ducks?

Nov 24: Kanagawa: November so far has been marked by extremes with very few days falling into the 'normal' zone of temps. Today's high will be 22, way above normal, but tomorrow's high only 13, a few degrees below normal. Very windy right now with steady 20-25 kt wind (SW) and gusts of 35 according to Windy. Cormorants have arrived in force. EDIT: Afternoon sustained wind of 35+ kt.

Nov 26, NR: Sustained at 35kts - that's windy. You say SW, so it's not dong bei ji feng? I don't think cormorants do fly in flocks - but they might be a different kind there. Any sign of the giant Japanese goose? Heavy rain had been predicted last week - i worked bloody hard all day Sunday to get a shed roof up behind chook shed, but finally the rain never really came. Another spate of rain was predicted for this coming week but the latest forecast has that slipping away as well. Nov climate was surprisingly mild - had been expecting brutal heat similar to 2019 due to El Nino, but it hasn't materialized yet, though conditions are hot & dry on the west coast. Good working weather here. Enough rain to keep grass growing, about once a week, but no major falls since the first one early in the month of about 100 mil. A juvenile raven found its way into the chook shed but couldn't get out - finally i caught it. It was fairly calm once i got hold of it & didn't seem traumatized by the event as it's still hanging around the house - in fact seems even less wary of me than it was before. Strange lack of snake sightings this year - maybe they prefer the wet years. Peaches are close to ripe. Had a barn owl right outside my bedroom window about a week ago - they make a blood-curdling scream as their call - probably frightening if you don't know what it is, but as i already knew, it was pretty cool.

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