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Nov 3, NR: Crazy cold spell. Way different from my first year where it seemed to be mid-30's most of the time in Oct-Nov. Had heater going in short bursts for the last few nights - jumper weather - expected to stay like this a few more days at least. Days are mid-20's, good for working - some rain about but not too much. You could grow anything now - barely need to water. Green tomatoes forming. Went fishing in creek but didn't catch anything. Had one on but it got away.

Nov 5, Kanagawa: November has been very nice so far with some rain buy mostly sunny days, highs between 19-21 and lows in the 10-13 range.

Nov 13, NR: Mixed bag - rain - including torrential at 1:30 am for 30-40mins - the kind that goes for 3 hrs and you're flooded. The following days were predicted to be worse - but weren't. Result of huge low centred south of Vic dragging rain across central Aus. Then hot and humid - hitting 30 - then windy today - mid 20's - back to cold tonight - 11C - which must be close to a record for this late in Nov. Grass needs 2nd cutting but haven't done it yet. Ground getting too wet to drive on - but 3 days of non-rain predicted. Supposedly back in La Nina. Seems to have gone from a 5-7 year phenomenon to a 5-7 month one. Or has there been a global cooling? Due to Covid? It would be weird if you could change it that quick - stop air travel and the temp drops 2C.

Nov 18, NR: Bloody mild weather continues - it's interfering with my plan to take time off during summer to get the Covid writings in order. If it's suitable for outside work i feel i should do it while i can. A spell of hot days coming from tomorrow. Mowed grass for second time - though haven't done tree paddock yet.

Nov 24, NR: Extended rainy patch, though no major falls. Expected to continue for another week. Mowed grass in tree-paddock for 2nd time on Nov 20 - ideally would have left it another week but had to, due to rain forecast - don't know when i'll be able to get mower down there again due to boggy ground. It needed cutting but not out of control. Wild mushrooms were up - seems they just need rain - doesn't matter about the season too much.

Nov 24, Kanagawa: November has been generally pleasant up until the last couple of days. Heavy rain yesterday preceded a cold front that arrived this morning. It was 11C out at 6AM and very windy, making it feel downright chilly. Highs for the next week are forecast to be in the low to mid teens. Gust today up to 40kt with sustained winds at 22-25kt. Today is very clear.

Nov 29, Kanagawa: Clear and cold morning with a low of between 4-7 depending on which phone app I look at. Apparently it almost never snows here, so it shouldn't get a whole lot colder than this over the winter, but then rain and 3C is not pleasant, so we have that to look forward to. For now, lots of sun. It's been breezy.

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