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Aomori, Nov 3: It was 3C at 6AM this morning. It's definitely beginning to feel like winter.

Aomori, Nov 7: There was frost on the grass this morning for the first time this season.

Aomori, Nov 11: Snow visible in the mountains for the firs time. It was 1C at 6:30AM this morning.

Aomori, Nov 17: Had a tiny snow flurry today. It was even sunny out but the wind was so strong and so cold it must have carried this snow from the mountains. It was probably 5C out at the time, with winds at a steady 20+mpg with gusts way up there. This was not a good day to be outside.

Aomori, Nov 20 We had our first snow overnight. I had to shovel 3+ inches at 6 AM.

Northern Rivers, Nov 21: Haha - it's funny to read about frost and snow! Here's it's bloody hot every day with the sky full of bushfire smoke - end of the world style - typically 2-10 C above ave (30-38 C) - no rain. Interestingly the lows are also significantly below ave - which indicates drier than usual air. Still got a green tinge to the grass . Half the state is on fire - 1.5 mil hectares and counting - which seems to be top-10 in the world record stakes. Need to water veg patch daily. Zucchini is going crazy - seems bug-free which is a contrast to Taiwan where i could never get them going due to bugs. Kale, lettuce is doing well - strawberries looked like they could be bountiful but flopped - perhaps due to no rain. - getting some tomatoes but something is eating them - a bird or maybe a possom. Net slowed them down but still getting in. Wallabies seem to have a rotating system of places they munch at - they often come here but not every day. They seem to show no interest in vegie patch - solely focused on grass.

NR, Nov 30: Finally some storms in the last few days of Nov over 3 consecutive days. The first two weren't forecast. Maybe 10-20 mm. Some big westerlies blew through - only lasting 5 minutes but enough to bring trees down. Before that the same hot dry smokey conditions. Must have been close to record hot and/or dry Nov but BoM hasn't put the data up. Edit: added it up myself in the end from the daily data - works out as 32.4 C, which smashes the old record of 31. Ave max for nov is 28.8 Scarlet honeyeaters returned, though not in such big numbers. Fig birds started showing up.

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