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Nov 9 Aomori: It's been a mild fall, according to the locals, but it's now starting to really feel like winter is coming. Lows are hitting single digits. It was 6C at 6am. Snow has been visible in the mountains for a week or so. Today the weather is coming in from the east and although it's cloudy, it's pretty interesting. Humid, windy, very unstable. Apples are in season. Fall vegetables are very cheap. Huge heads of cabbage for $1, potatoes, carrots... food here is cheaper than in Taiwan over all.

Nov 10, Boonah Qld: Finally after months of virtually identical weather, spring arrived with some storms several weeks ago. Very isolated. but a lot of them, so you could see them happening around the place even though it may not be raining here. Eventually one did hit. Nothing was forecast but noticed there was a lot of lightning around just on dark, then suddenly this deafening noise on the tin roof - hail storm! Haven't experienced one since I was a kid so bit of a thrill. Followed by some impressive wind and appears to have been something approaching a small tornado near here coz saw some fields of corn that looked like they'd been mowed by a huge machine. Wind was enough to flip one of those massive industrial strength irrigation contraptions. Since then it's been hot - including a week of high 30's up to 40C. Was amazed how quickly the fields turned green after the rain, but it does seem to be dying off again. Not known as a high bushfire prone area coz of usually reliable summer rains, so hope that holds true.

Nov 11, Aomori: Lots of migratory birds on the lake. Swans (I think), geese, ducks, lots of birds. Very noisy.

Nov 22-23 Aomori: Had our first snow overnight. We got 3-4 inches of very wet snow. We were on a trip and awoke to snow-covered trees on the 23rd and had a nice drive home through the mountains. Very nice. Of course, in a few weeks we'll be cussing it.

Nov 30 Aomori: First morning I had to shovel snow before work.

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