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Nov 16, Taidong: Apres le deluge in mid Oct, its been typically dry - a few showers as a weak typhoon went through northern ppe but barely enough to make the water run in the roof drains. Durian redstart has reappeared. Saw a snake last week. Most-advanced tomato plants starting to flower but quite a discrepancy in their progress compared to others - rest of garden looking good and been eating lettuce for a week. Started a mixed herb garden in portable tubs and although the seeds took a long time to germinate they finally seem to be coming through. A couple of big dbjf's in early nov though has dropped off since then and still warm - first real cold front is expected to come through in a couple of days

Nov 20, Taidong: I am used to dry spells here but we're now more than five weeks without significant rain and nothing in sight. This is compounding the erosion damage caused by the big rain of Oct - the last rain we had which did much more harm than good - chicken pasture is starting to look over-grazed due to the combination of erosion from the big rain and then dry conditions that haven't allowed the grass to regenerate. Have opened the gate to the drive-way section to relieve some of the pressure on the grass in their paddock but we really need some rain

Cool change came through on the Nov 18 - big wind and a drop in temps - hot and muggy before the change

Nov 23, Taidong: Another upsurge or earthquakes in the Nantou Chiayi area - culminated in a 5.5 - this follows on from a similar burst of activity about two weeks ago. First tomatoes appearing

Nov 23 Istachatta: Thanksgiving Day, our last day in the house for who knows how long, maybe forever. Raining like crazy. I bet we get at least 4 inches today. Nasty weather. But, good weather for a fire so we are using some of the wood we split over two years ago when we first moved in. Oak. Very nicely seasoned.

Nov 30: Finally a chance of rain today - we'll see how significant it is but we've now had six dry weeks. Since the downpour in mid-oct there has been no rain over 4 mil. And before that there was a similarly dry period of a month, and in fact, apart from the meiyu period the the pattern of several dry weeks in a row has been a feature of the climate here all year. First green fireflies appeared a few days ago - not sure what their trigger to appear is but its not rain, or even cold weather coz it's been hot. Earthquakes continue in the central Taiwan area - makes me wonder if the 5.5 was the culmination or it's just getting started

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