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Nov 1: A typhoon passed south of us bringing us almost no rain. It's very dry. There was an earthquake last night, a 6.4 or something, near Ruisui. Here's the thing. Two nights ago we were lying in bed and noticed that there was absolutely no sound of insects. Nothing. Complete silence. Why was that? Bugs are out in force today, possibly due to the heat (see below). The ants are back out after an absence. We put out some boric acid based poison inside which seems to have done the trick, but they are creeping out from under the house from another hole outside. The dog is dancing on the cement. This morning was very warm and humid. It almost felt like a summer morning on the west coast. The CWB at the time had a temp of 25, but it felt more like 30 and humid here at the hut in Xinchang. By the time I left at 11, it had cooled down a bit, but it's still been a humid, warm day with no DBF. This must be typhoon influence of some sort.

Nov 2: The rain has arrived in force. It looks like we'll definitely top 100mils before it's over. Maybe we already have.

Nov 3: We've gotten over 130mil over the last couple of days, with parts of Taitung County getting over 200, and it's still coming down. There's a stationary front combined with a passing typhoon. We could end up getting over 300 before this is over. That front is the first cold front of the season. A week or so later than last year. Re the bug-earthquake thing - bugs will drop off after an extended dry period - would suggest their re-emergence was more likely tied to the humidity and coming rain than the earthquake.

Nov 7: It was raining most of the day in Haulian, and it started raining in Taitung in the late afternoon. It's been wet the last few days.

Nov 8: Super typhoon Haiyan is battering the Philippines. It's a straight shooter, but we're going to get some band precipitation tomorrow. Today is beautiful and breezy. Partly cloudy. Things are just getting a chance to dry out. It feels like 26 or 27 at 1500. Oh, and as this is the first sunny, dry day in a while, the snakes are out. (Haiyan caused massive destruction in ppe - whole towns wiped off the map - reports of 10 000 dead but impossible to know exact figure at this stage)

Nov 17: Back from trip to Aus and seems i missed all the rain. No rain in Australia and hasn't rained since i've been back - have almost forgotten what it looks like. Pretty sure i saw a green fire fly in summer, but nothing since until last night - now is the usual time for them. My mid-nov weather change theory was a couple of days late this year, but today it seems to have arrived. T-shirt weather yesterday but quite cold today - will be cranking up the heater tonight for the first time this season. Hornet activity seems to be less than before i went away, but still saw one Asian giant buzzing around my work station yesterday. Haven't located any nests this year but would say it was an exceptionally active year judging by the numbers flying around my property. DBJF still blowing unrelentingly.

Nov21: NOT WINDY! Yesterday was already quite moderate, but today was a very rare dead calm day. Hopefully might mark an end to the full on dbjf period and dies back to just a fairly regular weather event. Cold weather has persisted and hazy, grey, but dry skies. Just heard a trickle of rain on the roof - break in the wind can often mean rain so hope it comes. Good radar activity to the north. Low pressure passing thru ppe. Asian giant buzzed me again today but they seem a little less cocky somehow. Cold spell must be bringing them to the end of their season soon.

Nov 22: Definitely saw a green fire fly while having a pee at one of our weekend dinners. I'm not sure I've really seen one of these before. It stayed alight for the entire length of my pee, which was extensive. No on and off going on, straight light for at least, well, I really had to go! Quite amazing.

Nov 24: We've had a couple beautiful days with no DBF, lots of sun, generally perfect for being outside. Today was a bit more humid. Clear morning with clouds rolling it then dissipating and giving us a great afternoon. We did see hornet while on a walk to the beach today. I've read that they are most aggressive this time of year. I have a lot of respect for those things. I'd feel safer coming across a cobra than a hutoufeng. The cobra isn't going to chase me while the hornet might. We've had a few hornets around the house in the last couple of weeks. One looked as if it was dying. It couldn't fly and would walk up the side of the house and fall to the ground. I followed it just because I didn't want to step on him. I've read that if you squish them, they release a chemical that calls for reinforcements. Didn't want that.

Nov 25: Folowing calm humid day before, big cold front swept across Taiwan and drenched the entire island. Started around midnight and was quite heavy at times - almost like a typhoon rain. About 40 mil here. Still calm when it started raining but then dbjf did come this morning and brought sharp drop in temp. Rain lessened but still going even with the wind, which is unusual for here. Stopped around lunch time though still cold and windy.

Nov 26: Cool day with little dbjf, at least in Zhiben. A little humid, but no rain. Felt like it didn't get out of the low 20's all day.

Nov 30: Total Rainfall for Nov: 181mm. This makes up for the dry oct with well above ave fall. Also continues pattern of last couple of years of dry oct and wet nov.

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