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  • Nov 3: The first cold front has come and gone, and brought with it much needed rain. Nights have been cool with low around 21, and daytime highs getting back up to the high 20s today.Skies are partly cloudy.
  • Nov 8: We had a hint of DBF a couple days ago, but otherwise it has been cool (mid 20s) with no rain for a few days. It's supposed to warm up to near 30 one more time in a couple of days before the next cold front arrives.


  • Nov 10: quite warm with a faint southerly - unusual for this time of year. a few showers late afternoon into the evening. strange kind of rain - has stopped and started at least 10 times - kind of threatening to get heavier, but hasn't so far. also interesting that a small coastal patch between Taidong city and Cheng Gong is about the only place in Taiwan that has had rain at this stage. (ended up with 18ml - continued in that on and off fashion all night) Small brown bird with some orange mustard color on rump got into my house a couple of days ago - oddly it didn't freak out and seemed to make itself at home. even when it did find its way out, it hung around the porch for a few hours. no sign of fireflies this autumn - assume its coz there hasn't been enough rain. Edit: Straight after i wrote that i went outside for a smoke and did see a firefly. Have continued seeing them each night since then.


  • Nov 10: Though a cold front is due to arrive tomorrow, we had unusual southern winds yesterday and today. We also had 4-5mil of rain (so far), which is great because I just put some lettuce seeds in the ground.


  • Nov 15: I did see one glorious firefly tonight, and he lit for a very long time, flying low.
  • Nov 23: The weather the last few days has been typically unstable, with enough rain to reduce the need for watering and temperatures fluctuating daily. This morning was clear and brilliant, then the sun grew to be downright hot until a new cold front started moving through in the early afternoon. It's now windy and chilly with light rain and highs tomorrow, predicted to be 20-23, should be about 5C below those today. Strong gusts at the moment.
  • Nov 26: After a few days of calm, misty days perfect for the garden, we're getting our first full-on DBF of the season. Lawn chairs not stowed away will disappear.
  • Nov 30: Rainfall for Nov: 93ml. Included one day of 53ml, following the trend of last year in which Nov can still produce some big falls, generally due to low pressure systems passing through ppe and interacting with dbjf
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