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May 9, NR: More fucking rain. I was heartily sick of it a few months ago, & it's rained 8 days out of every 10 since then. No massive falls but once that water-table is up, even 5-10 mil is enough to bog things up. Lost two chooks to wet related disease (another miraculously survived). Tried letting them out a bit earlier each day to get them out of the mud from their run, but then a wedge-tailed eagle took one last week, so i can't win at the moment. Have put in two ag-pipes in the run, which helps, but what we really need is an extended break in the rain. That might be coming in a few days time, according to forecast. Access road is still passable, but getting worse towards house end - will need a couple of loads of road-base when it finally dries out. Planted out spinach, silver beet, peas, kale yesterday. Fanny planted garlic in carport garden patch last week. Planted two avocados a month ago - looks like only one survived. There was a rare spell of two hot dry days, right on planting - made mistake of not watering enough in the first two days, which is crucial for avocado. Wild tomatoes in pot near clothesline are ripening - pretty fast as i only planted them less than two months ago. Have lit the fire a few times, earliest was a few weeks ago around mid-April. Hasn't been really cold (lowest is 11C, usually 12-14), but the humidity makes it feel colder.

May 17, Kanagawa: Been a pretty wet May with average temps. Things are warming up now. If this year is like previous ones, we'll go from highs of low twenties for about 3 weeks, then mid twenties for a week or so, then straight to 34. Hutoufeng are out.

May 18, NR: The rain drags on - a constant slow leak. There haven't been huge falls but when the water table is up, any rain is enough to bog things up, especially if there are no prolonged dry breaks. Put in new ag-pipe drain in chook shed & more roofing. Saw wild dog this morning. No really cold nights so far - the rain prevents that - though down to 8 in the coming days as a few rare dry days are forecast before the next block of rain.

May 18, Kanagawa: First full on shorts and t-shirt day.

May 20, NR: My beloved Honey (chook) passed away - victim of the incessant rain. As it turned it out it was the last of the big rains that got her. She was a great chook - loved her daily cuddle - i miss her greatly.

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