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May 4, NR: Down to 7 this morning, which was 2C below forecast. Have discovered 'long-johns' for the evenings, which are a bit old-farty, but add a good 2C to your perceived temp. Arthritis is grumbling just below the surface but haven't had the full-attack so far. Generally, feeling high-energy mode - enjoying getting back into outside work projects (except final grass cutting) with cooler weather. Found a python lurking around chook-shed - he looked a bit lethargic coz it was early morning & still cold, so this time i picked him up. First time i've picked up a snake. He seemed pretty relaxed - coiled around my arm, but didn't struggle. Took him down to the creek - about one k away & released him. By the time we got there, we were like old friends & i could see how people keep them as pets. Read that they don't actually hibernate during winter, but rather take it very, very easy. Will find a some cover but will still pop out on warm days to get some heat. Also snakes won't eat during winter - reason being they need a level of body heat to digest food - so if they do eat in winter they run the risk of the food rotting inside them, which can be fatal. Last several days have been sunny - 24-25 - cool nights - typical for (a good) winter. That last bout of rain may have been the last of it for quite a long time. Apparently Oct to Mar was one of the driest on record - amazing diff from previous year. BoM is still saying 50% chance of El Nino forming (which is the same as 'don't know'), but judging from the observations, i'd say 100%. Really feels like we've entered a dry pattern. Next stop is going to be a hot summer & fire conditions.

May 9, NR: 2C this morning - bringing first frost. Harvested most of the tomatoes from ma fan plant the evening before. That's 8 mths after planting.

May 19, Kanagawa: So far, May has been a bit above average on the temps and somewhat dry. Today is an exception on the dryness with a front out of the south giving us a warm, plum rain like shower. 23C or so in the afternoon but feels warmer, maybe it is. The ADJ so far has been instability. Well, one thing has been regular. The work days have been fairly nice, then every fucking weekend we get cold rain. This weekend may mark the end of that cycle. The rain today (Friday) should end tomorrow Am followed by seasonal weather. Nice.

May 25, NR: The dry pattern was broken up by an East Coast Low about a week ago that dumped 70-80mm over two days - including rain all night then continuing non-stop until about 4pm. But that was an unexpected interruption to a steady stream of sunny days & cold nights (low 20's down to 3-4C at night). 7-day forecast is more of the same. Feels like it's been colder than normal for May, especially the nights, which may be an indication of the dry air. Big typhoon went through Guam yesterday - heading vaguely towards Taiwan but suspect it will recurve to the north east before it gets there.

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