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May 2, Kanagawa: Rain yesterday, all day, though not too heavy. Last night and all day today we had mostly sunny skies and very high winds of 30kt and gusts of up to 45kt. Highs both days near 20. Winds out of the SW.

May 6, Kanagawa: May has been very nice so far with highs in the very low 20's and lows in the low to mid teens. Winds have been shifting on a daily basis, coming from all directions. Right now we have very low wind out of the south, almost still. This weather is great, aside from the occasional high winds.

May 15, Kanagawa: Very nice weather lately with just a couple of days of light rain since the last posting. Apparently, this area gets a pretty serious plum rain season, lasting on average all of June and half of July, so it looks like things are about to change, but so far the weather has been great since we arrived in late February. We do get some seriously windy days, reminding me of Taitung's dongbeifeng, but the wind usually just lasts for one or two days at a time. Today has been great with highs in the mid 20's, mostly sunny, and balmy.

May 18, Kanagawa: Balmy days, breezy, unstable weather. Today it was 21 at 6AM. Winds shifting from SW, S, and SE.

May 18, Northern Rivers: Rain has persisted through May with 2-3 days of thunderstorms about a week ago - but there have been decent breaks of sunny weather in between. (Storms included an almighty crack of thunder in the middle of the first night - just seemed to be that one crack - and no rain) Overnight temps are getting down to as low as 5 and have needed fire going every night for the last several days - probably will now until Sep. Wedge-tailed eagles seem to appear most days - setting off the usual flurry of birds harassing them and raising the alarm. Saw two sea-eagles also a week ago - birds don't seem to worry about them as much. Wallabies haven't appeared recently - probably coz of eagles patrolling. Pecans have lost about half their leaves. Pumpkin still going - will wait for first frost to kill it off.

May 19, Kanagawa: Rain has arrived as forecast. This is the first full-on, sustained rain we've had since we arrived. Not so much a downpour as a typical plum rain that we have in Taiwan. Temps at 20 or so. Not bad. No wind. My phone says there's a 60-80% chance of rain for the next three days.

May 31, Kanagawa: Beautiful day to cap off a mostly beautiful month. I was in the mid 20's with sun and a very slight breeze.

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