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May 3, Aomori: It hit 30 today. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 16. Quite a difference!

May 8, Aomori: This is our third spring here, and each year so far there's a morning when I leave the house early, like 6 AM, with a light jacket on, walk three steps, and realize I don't need the jacket, so walk back inside and leave without it. This was that day.

May 12, Northern Rivers: Beautiful weather continues - bit of rain every few days enough to keep the garden watered. Nights getting cold but not too bad - lows around `10-12 the odd 8. Heater on in the evening most nights. Pecan trees' leaves are turning yellow and dropping - noticed it today but looks like it's been going for a week or so. Cockatoos seem slightly less in the last few days - they will leave at some stage - it may be connected to the pecan trees. Cut grass a week ago - with luck that will be the last time until spring - might need one more go in a couple of weeks. Cucumber still booming along - tomatoes ripening but not a great crop. Self seeded pumkin coming through. Legumes haven't produced much so far - rocket taking off! - bok choy doing well - less insect problems than a month ago

May 14, Aomori: Pretty nice weather so far in May. It's been very windy the last few days. Wait, it's always windy here. Highs have been near 20. It hit 20 today. We've had a couple days in the 25 range. The coming week is forecast to see a few days not getting out of the mid teens. So things are still very unstable. There is still snow in the mountains, though it's decreasing rapidly.

May 15, Aomori: Heard the Cuckoo bird for the first time this year at 3:30 AM.

May 19, Aomori: Major storm stalling above us. Rather, a convergence of systems. The high today was 8. Tomorrow's high predicted to be 5. That means there may be snow in the mountains. This is a weird convergence of forces. See We have weather coming in from the north, east, and south simultaneously.

May21, Aomori: It's been raining non-stop for over 3 days. The high yesterday was 7. The high today is forecast to be 9. Notice the two systems on either side of Japan:

May 25, Aomori: Beautiful day, though windy. High of 24 or so, mostly sunny. Lots of birds. Bugs are coming out in force. There is still snow in the mountains.

May 30, Aomori: First truly summer-like weekend, with lots of sun and highs in the mid 20's. Mosquitoes are coming out. There is still snow in the mountains.

NR, May 30: Sounds like Aomori is the place to be for a northern hemisphere summer but it's decent here as well - in fact our climates have temporarily aligned - beautiful days (mostly) - mid 20's - cold nights - which are great for sleeping - overall i'm like the Chinese student's answer when asked what's it like living in China? 'i can't complain'. Seems a little warmer and drier than last year - but still seems to rain once a week. I was wrong about the cockatoos moving on - the noisy destructive fuckers. Garrulous is the word. When flying one will often throw in a mental manoeuvre - a violent jerking tumbling - just for the mad fun of it

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