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May 2, Aomori: Nice day. Breezy, partly cloudy, high 16. Dry.

May 6, NR: After two months of near daily rain, the weather switched to cloudless skies yesterday - and cold nights. Must buy a thermometer but i reckon it's about 2-3C colder here than the regional forecast, which is around 9C and dropping to 7C in a few days. Started the fire for the first time tonight. Spent the last two days poisoning trees - vines to be precise, non-native, which are strangling the established river bank trees. It's a symptom of how far things have run off the rails that you need poison to try and redress things.

May 17, Aomori: May has been cooler than I expected so far, with only a handful of days breaking 20. This whole week the highs have been between 16-19 with lows in the single digits. It's supposed to hit 20 today, and next week is supposed to be warmer. It's still pants and light jacket weather. Almost no rain in May.

May 25, Aomori: This is the first summer like weekend. The high today was 30 and it's supposed to hit that again tomorrow. That's unusually warm. The shorts are on and the legs are white as can be. We used to make fun of FOB white people in Taiwan who looked like I do now.

May 26, Aomori: It was 33 today according to my phone. That may be a record. I don't remember it ever getting that warm all of last summer. EDIT: Confirmed. The Japan Meteorological Agency had Hachinohe at 33.9 at 2PM. The entire island is sizzling.

May 27, NR: Hasn't rained for about five days which is a record since i've been here - expected to last another few days at least. Days are still warm though some cold nights. Windy today which is unusual and from a different direction - more the north west whereas before it's been from the south west. Woke up recently to find an eastern spinebill in the house, which was also my first sighting of one on the property. Saw two platypus in the creek a couple of days ago which was good coz hadn't seen them for a while.

May 28, Aomori: Another warm day with a high near 27 though a front is coming through tonight and the high tomorrow should only hit 20 or so. Unusual heat back in the US as well with Tampa hitting 37 and Ohio hitting 32 a couple days ago, both unusually high temps.

May 31, Aomori: Highs are in the normal range of the mid 20s. Snow quickly disappearing from the mountains and is almost gone. Generally pleasant weather.

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