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May 7, Aomori: The temperatures are just not rising as I expected for May. It's still in the single digits at night. It will be getting down to 5 tonight. That's not acceptable. Not acceptable at all. It's May for God's sake.

May 14, Aomori: So far May has been much cooler than expected, with lows still hitting single digits and highs sometimes in the low teens. We get a nice day here and there where it will hit the low 20's, but it can be very windy when it warms up. All in all, shit weather for May.

May 16, Aomori: Unbelievable. It's supposed to get down to 2C today, with lots of wind and rain. It's currently 6C at 3PM. Plus, we're living in housing with no heat. (They turn the heat off in early May because, well, it's bloody MAY!) This means it's snowing in the nearby mountains. I think this is at least the third 'last of the season' cold waves.

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