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Mar 6, Kanagawa: Cold. Lows of 3 or so, high today forecast to be 8 with high wind and rain. This is probably the coldest front we've had all winter. It's not supposed to get over ten for the next few days with little break in the rain and wind.

Mar 8, Kanagawa: SNOW! Well, that may be slightly overstated. I saw a few big, fat, heavy chunks floating down amongst the rain, but it is the only snow I've seen all winter... on March 8. 1.5C at 6AM and it may break 10 today with warming trend after that. Hopefully, this is the last cold blast of the season.

Mar 16, Kanagawa: Nice weekend in store with highs in the high teens, sun, but a bit on the windy side. One more cold spell is forecast for next week. Light out by 5:30. Spring bulbs are flowering. No bees yet.

Mar 22, Kanagawa: 2 degrees at 5am. Not a bad day later with sun and wind, but cold.

Mar 23, Kanagawa: Cold, wet, dreary, high of 9 or so. Rain. March has been nasty so far. Things should turn around next week.

Mar 26, Kanagawa: Major cold front went through with sustained winds of 30 Kt, rain all day, and highs not clearing 10. March has been nasty this year.

Mar 27, Kanagawa: Clear and windy. Should hit 15 today.

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