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March 4, Aomori: So far, March sucks. Highs just above freezing, stuff coming out of the sky that is sometimes rain, sometimes snow, and often in between. Windy, cold, cloudy, just when everyone wants winter to be over. The good news is that days are getting longer... well I guess it stops there.

March 9, NR: Planted about 80 natives trees last week - timing was good as there's been gentle rain on most days since. Ended up with about 60% success rate from last year - not bad considering we had the frost of the decade, the drought of the century, then the neighbour's fucking cows running rampant through the plantation. The cows did most of the damage. When the creek dried up they just came straight across and smashed the place up. The farmer did nothing as he'd overstocked all his own paddocks where they'd eaten the grass down to nothing so he had zero motivation for stopping them from raiding my paddocks. This is how the environment gets ruined in Australia - greedy farmers overstocking and not giving a stuff about the consequences. The creek has bounced back from a fish-kill due to a lack of oxygen and too much cattle shit in Jan - the rains since then have flushed the system and appears Bass have repopulated - have caught one Bass on each of the last two Sundays - both times on the first few casts. Cockatoos, which arrived early Feb have built up to a flock of couple of hundred - they are 'harvesting' the pecan nut trees. No sign of corellas this year. Wallabies around most days. Correction - just noticed the corellas have showed up today. First autumn mushroom yesterday. Big drop in temp today. Been mostly around 29-30 for the last couple of weeks but today it's about 23-24

March 9, Aomori: All the snow has disappeared from the front yard. I love March! (See March 4). High today of 12C -- a heat wave. Unstable weather coming from the south, then a return of NW weather. Migratory birds around. Cherry trees are budding along with other trees.

March 12, Aomori: Unstable weather with lots of wind. Highs 6-10. Birds migrating. Trees budding.

March 16, Aomori: Awoke to 6" of fresh snow this morning and it's still coming down strong. March sucks! (See March 9)

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