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March 9 Aomori: This is the first week during which highs every day are forecast to be over freezing since we've gotten here. Today hit 8C. Snow is melting rapidly. I think I see some buds on trees. Went for a walk today during lunch and smelled dirt and cedar. Wonderful! Saw a spider the other day. Life! Warm fronts usually involve rain... seems everything here involves precipitation. Only the bitter cold is dry. Interesting area. Predominant patterns come from the west. I'm guessing summer will bring southern winds, but who knows. This region seems highly unstable with lots of micro climates.

March 13, Aomori: First day that it's felt a little like spring. It's at 13C right now. I actually took a walk without a coat. There is still spotty snow on the ground. Buds are forming on some trees. The lake is still frozen over but it appears to be melting quickly.

March 14, Aomori: 10C at 6:20AM this morning. Great! All ice is gone on lake. Still patchy snow piles.

March 18, Boonah: Last few days 33C and near cloudless skies - uncomfortably hot - luckily there's a swimming pool here - coming off a week of good rain and milder temps. People say the summers are getting longer here. Casting around for a place to settle down - at this stage the heat would be a negative for where I am right now - if it's this hot in mid-March I guess the summer here is pretty tough

March 23, Aomori: Still dipping below freezing every night. Currently 6C at 2PM with clouds. Boonah? You looked pretty settled on your Taitung hideaway!

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