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Mar 5: Nightjars in full swing. Moderate winds. A few hot days creeping into the mix bring the familiar 'fear of sunner' feeling back into focus. No rain. Saw a lone asian giant today - no big brown hornets as yet. First asparugus appearing but that's coz i haven't paid any attention to them this year until the last few days. A few strawbetty plants have survived but no fruit and very small. Didn't plant anything this year coz too busy.

March 18: Good 40mm fall over a few days in mid Mar - limited to south east coast. Preceeded by a few hot days and southerly wind. Small typhoon heading towards ppe. Saw first yellow firefly last night - guess it was brought on by the rain. Asparagus going strong.

March 19 Kaohsiung: Warm weather has become the norm, with highs in the mid to high 20's. Asparagus isn't sprouting through the concrete. Saw an egret almost get hit by cars as it flew through the major intersection of Zhonghua and Mingshen roads, near the laughable excuse for a wetlands park. It managed to land in a polluted ditch near the park.

March 31 Taidong: Kuling has shed its bloom - 'sakura' occurred about two weeks ago. Asparagus have stalled and appear finished. No more fireflies - only appaeared over a few nights. Green pigeons back in their tree for last few weeks. Sparrow hawk attacked full grown chicken. Wind alternating between north east and souotherlies - been a very moderate year for dbjf. Cold patch a week ago but high twenties this week - perfect weather really - light but regular rain.

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