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  • March 1: Temps since the 1st of March have been between 16-22 with quite a bit of rain on the last day of February and mostly cloudy skies since then. Overall it's been comfortable, humid, and unstable.
  • Mar 9: Warm southerly yesterday and this is often a sign of a bit of rain coming. Also frogs were going off last night even though it hasn't rained for over a week. Change came through late afternoon with temp drop and wind switch to ne. Strong winds today though no real rain yet here. However it has rained nearly everywhere else in Taidong this morning. CWB has an odd forecast - the usual 30% but at the same time they've issued a heavy rain warning for Taidong. Taipei has been getting drenched all week. Planted crop of summer tomatoes - see how that goes.
  • Mar 9: Cloudy and breezy but no rain in Taitung City at 3:30pm. The CWB is forecasting another cold blast to arrive in six days. That's far off enough that it will almost certainly change. Not much sun in the last few days (corrected - weeks).
  • Mar17: First yellow fireflies of spring. Much later than last year but the same as 2013. Don't think it's associated with rain coz it hasn't rained for over two weeks - though there is some sort of misty drizzle about tonight, but wouldn't have thought that would be enough to trigger a hatching. Temperature more likely the trigger - overcast and fairly humid today - about 25C - though it has been considerably cooler this winter than recent ones. March is continuing its recent form of being the driest month of the year. No rain recorded so far in XC (though other places in TD have had some). The other driest month seems to be oct - wonder if it has something do with the running of the dbjf, which comes in in Oct, abates for a while, then fires up again in March on its way out. Tomatoes still going (were near the end this time last year) though much slower than previous years. Asparagus had a spurt but have dropped back off. Strawberries have been a tale of woe with a couple of bamboo chickens getting in and knocking them off every time a few of them would ripen.
  • March 20: A kind of ku ling 'sakura' today where the wind started up and blew all the blossoms off the ku ling tree. And not just mine, all of them that i saw on a drive to dulan. 2ml of rain last night, which wasn't bad going seeing how CWB had TD rated as 0% pop and in fact they hit the jackpot coz it was the only rain so far here for March and the only time they'd ventured to 0. As Dan says, 'why not just stick with your bog standard 30%?' Pattern of low wind, westerlies, and big north easterlies. Run the gamot in the last three days with a major dbjf today and blowing well into the night. (things blown off porch, stuff blown into your eyes, easily irritated, that level.
  • Mar 27: Good rainfall finally kicked up by typhoon after it had passed thru ppe. (19.5mm) Accompanied by very warm, calm, humid weather. (Missed by CWB despite obvious radar activity) Large brown hornet (non-aggressive kind) on the go.
  • Mar 28: Follow up fall of 8.5mm. Very, very humid. Some distant lightning last night. 300mm+ in Ilan last night - i see CWB had them at 20% pop! Weird, large bug that invades the home has appeared. It can fly but generally crawls.
  • March 31: Several days of rain that seem to be associated with a front that keeps reloading west of taiwan then moving across to the east. Lots of fairly close thunder and lightning tonight. Stayed warm and humid but cool change has come through now. Haven't seen lots of fireflies but there were some last night. tomatoes still going strong - strawberries fading fast. asparagus going ok - 2-3 spears a day.

Rainfall for March: 49.5mm (only 2mm until last few days of March)

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