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  • March 3: Cold change came through with moderate dbjf, but still dry. Ku ling trees starting to bloom. mango blooming around this time. Driftwood getting scarce.
  • March 5: Chilly nights since the 3rd, lows getting down to 15. Today had no dbjf. Comfortable. Garden has been requiring watering. Moringa planted 7-10 days ago has sprouted in sandy soil with no watering.
  • March 8: Getting pretty dry and there's no rain in sight for at least the next weak. Temps between 20-26. Today was absolutely beautiful. Asparagus shooting. Noticed japanese green pigeons return to same tree about this time - a much bigger flock this year, 30-40. Within a couple of days of the time they appeared last year.
  • March 13: Hot dry weather has continued but a coldfront has come through tonight bringing strong winds and first lightning for the season, albeit far out to sea. No real rain as yet. hornets getting active - big brown one and another i haven't seen before, same brown color, but a bit smaller and with a bright yellow tail. Fireflies finished.
  • March 14: blew pretty good last night but quickly settled to a mild dbjf today - unfortunately failed to produce any rain - in fact the winter coldfronts rarely bring rain here - if it's cold or windy you can usually forget about it raining. we are now up to 17 days straight without rain. Tomato plants dying off - though would have to say it was a very good season - and relatively fruit fly free. not sure why that is - maybe too hot. strawberries also getting near the end of their run. Transplanted lettuce is still very happy. Transplanted moringa is struggling but largely surviving. That that isn't producing leaves from the stem is sprouting from the taproot. The transplanted moringa seemed to do better when between 30-40cm tall. Taller seedlings seem to sprout from the taproot. Amazing stuff, moringa. Year-old moringa seeds sprouting at a high rate after 10 days to two weeks (70% or so).
  • March 18: tonight we have finally got some rain! Interesting weather preceding it. Started out with a big early morning dry wind coming down off the mountains (SWW - pretty rare except in its gentler night form)that then tended southerly. Then without much of a lull and just a slight dip in temperature, that turned into a north-easterly. Though still dry, in fact there wasn't a cloud in the sky, though very hazy - about as hazy as it gets. That died off on evening, with still very few clouds around at sunset, but then sprang up again, started raining around 10pm, and the wind dropped. Damn, before i finished writing it's stopped raining! (less than 1 mm in XC) Have noticed the emergence of few large bugs. The shiny green one and the spotted 'helicopter' one. It hadn't rained by then so not sure what their signal to come out was, unless they sensed it coming. Other reasons could be temp (though it's been warm for a while now)or just time.
  • March 22: We're getting a rare afternoon shower. It probably won't amount to much. There's nothing on the radar, but any little bit helps. Finished up with about 5ml, which is enough for a garden watering. Noticed the egrets flying south before the rain - have seen this before just before rain.
  • March 23: Already June level hot at 8am. Yesterday, before the rain, was also uncomfortably hot. god help us when summer comes.
  • March 26: The heat has fallen off some, with highs in the mid to upper 20s. We had a brief shower yesterday and there is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. Didn't rain in the end.
  • March31: Rained this morning and looked like it might settle but soon cleared. Sky looked threatening but a dbjf whipped up and it remained dry. Finished up with a total of 9mm for March. The ave is only 40, but that is one of the driest months i've seen here.
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