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  • Feb 15: heard nightjars - haven't heard one for a while (a few months) and assume they must be migratory and have just returned or a mating sound that they only make in mating season. (pretty sure it's a mating sound)
  • Feb 16: noticed more gecko activity and other insect presence in the hut recently, including a centipede


  • March 11: large brown hornets appearing, odd hu tou fong and tu fong, snakes on the road, first lightning, way up north, green japanese pigeons return, occasional southerlies though NE still the prevalent wind.

March 16: 35-40mm rain coming from the south (pre-mei yu?), gusting southerly wind, Chenggong got 75mm. heavy showers in the late afternoon. first fireflies of the season last night. There seems to be two kinds here - an autumn one (larger, with a green light) - and the spring ones (yellow light).

  • March 26: mosquito explosion, house full of them, world record amount, then two hours later a big dbjf came through. Beaufort scale: deck chairs blown over and flip flops go missing. curious if it was just a coincidence with the mosquitoes or they somehow sensed the change and headed indoors for safety.
  • March 28: Heard wild pig.

End of March - Donghe: After months of finding jumu driftwood in the Donghe/Jinzun area, it suddenly disappeared. I've seen this 'ju mu' translated both as a beech tree and an elm. It's a very hard, heavy, red wood. See and The Formosahut dictionary returns beech to a ju mu input.

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