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June 4, Kanagawa: We're off to a good start

June 4, NR: First real cold snap started two days ago - down to 5 last night & will continue for a few days. Likely need heater every night until Sep now. Final grass cutting underway. Arrival of cold (drier air) probably signals end of the great wet.

June 8, NR: Typical winter weather - cold nights (5-7C), sunny days around 20-22C. However, no frosts so far. In previous years, there's been a frost as soon as it clicks over to June. Eagles around - checking past years, May-June seems to be the time of year that they're most active in terms of attacking chooks. Noticed a fledgling yesterday so likely it's the extra mouth to feed. Pecan trees are completely bare.

June 30, Kanagawa: June has been mostly wet with highs in the 27-32 range. Oddly, there's one lone cormorant still hanging out. Too old to migrate?

June 30, NR: Weirdly warm. Too warm. After a typical June winter of carbon copy pleasant days, cold nights - tonight i don't even have the heater on, or a jumper. Can't remember that in the middle of winter before. Problem is, it's likely heralding the extended wet period forecast. Winter is usually reliably dry, the odd rainy day, but this is back to the 'big wet' level, with a potential 90mil across the next week, starting tonight. Very not welcome. Bought 5 new hens a few weeks ago.

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