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June 1, NR: 3 years ago, my first here, there was a big frost on June 1. This year has been decidedly warmer, though cold night time temps are creeping in over the last few days. Down to 10C last night (15C in house when i went to bed) with 6C forecast for coming nights so we're getting to heater/fire on every night. Doing a big push on the weed-whacking - some of it i'd let got virtually the entire season. Had 4 sessions so far (1 tank of petrol = 1.5hrs?) - still need one more. Still can't mow grass with big mower - ground is too wet - would only wind up bogging the mower &/or tearing up the lawn with tire tracks. Had a short sharp storm two nights ago, which was unforecast and unwelcome, but followed by sunny day with strong wind, which is good - will accelerate the drying. Forecast is fine for another week (low 20's) so will give ground a few more days to dry. Been keeping off access road to avoid tearing it up but yesterday some idiot from the electricity company drove in in his big-arsed 4-wd which was very annoying. Have put a lock on gate to prevent any further intrusions. Minor 2.9 earthquake about 150 km north of here - no feeling here. Taiwan has had a couple of meiyu fronts with a few big falls on mid/north west coast, but not a big meiyu season so far. Temps there seem slightly below ave.

June 6, Kanagawa: Nice weather for June up until today. Rain to continue all day with high of 20. Looks like it might be the start of plum rain season, similar to last year.

June 9, NR: First frost! Down to at least 2C last night. Forecast is more of the same for next few days. Saw a python a few days ago - surprised they're still moving around. Access road has dried out fairly well - could probably get lawnmower out to cut grass today - only problem is a baby wallaby and his/her mother have taken to sleeping all day under the olive tree close to the house, so i don't want to disturb them. They seem to be there every second day - so maybe tomorrow. Normal power tools doesn't bother them, but the mower would. They're mainly nocturnal so they really like to take it easy during the day.

June 21, Kanagawa: June has been uneventful aside from a two-day cold spell about a week ago during which the highs didn't get out of the teens. Other than that, we've had seasonal weather. It's starting to get warm, with recent highs in the high 20's. Lots of haze and cloudiness; not much in the way of full on clear, sunny days. Stationary front over us now bringing plum rain like rain, though I believe plum rains here generally start in early July. EDIT Incorrect. That was the plum rain. Very short season this year.

June 24, Kanagawa: Hot and windy. Sustained winds at 25kt gusts to 35 pretty much non-stop. 30 at 2:00 PM.

June 25, Kanagawa: Copy and paste yesterday. High of 33 today, still very windy, lots of sun. This is supposed to continue for the next week. Note that Kaohsiung had a record high of 38 yesterday.

June 27, Kanagawa: The heat wave continues. I was incorrect regarding the plum rain season in this area. The plum rain season usually lasts from mid to late June to the first week or two of July. The plum rain season was announced as over two days ago in Tokyo with the arrival of this high pressure system. This was the earliest end to the plum rain season ever since records started in 1951. I was talking with a retired meteorologist today who said he expects this to be a very hot summer. It's certainly made a good start. Today's high was 34 at the ocean and I'm sure it the high 30's inland.

June 30, Kanagawa: 35C at 2:00PM. Inland must be absolutely cooking. Sun, high humidity.

June 30, NR: Sounds like you got the big-bake going there in Japan. Makes sense - if all that rain falls here it's gotta be evaporated from somewhere. I wonder if extremities feed off each other? Also noted you mentioned the wind. A lot of stuff goes back to wind. All the oscillations La Nina - Indian Ocean Dipole. Meanwhile it's been no news is good news here - dry - sunny - nice - like it's supposed to be in winter. The first frost on Jun 9 was followed by 3 more consecutive nights of frost. Then i don't think it's frosted since. Night time lows 7-9.

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