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June 1, Kanagawa: Beautiful day with lots of sun, slight breeze, and highs in low to mid 20's. Pretty much perfect weather.

June 3, Northern Rivers: Perfect weather - warm days (22-23) - cold nights (5-9). Big numbers of black cockatoos in the last few days especially. Most i've seen. Often a sign of rain, there is light rain forecast for this afternoon, but the amount of them suggests something else going on - possibly a migration - they appear to be heading vaguely north. Wedge-tailed eagles still around most days, as are white-bellied sea eagles. The latter have a distinctive call - sounds almost like a wood-duck.

June 4: Kanagawa: Rain. Rain all day. Breezy. Warm, mid 20's. Weather coming from the south. Beats the hell out of freezing rain!

June 9, Kanagawa: The last couple of days have been sunny, calm, and hot with highs of 30-31.

June 14, NR: First frost two nights ago - a light one. Getting down to 2-3C overnight. Peach tree starting to bloom.

June 17, Kanagawa: The plum rains have started. Lots of clouds, light rain on and off (sometimes heavy but not for long), temps in the mid 20's, with two or three nice days a week.

June 22, NR: The main story is the number of yellow-tailed black cockatoos in the mix. For the last two years you would see small flocks intermittently - often as harbingers of rain - they would never stay longer than a couple of days. This year is very different. Larger flocks have appeared - maybe 20 birds - but several flocks that size getting around the valley - and they seem to have settled here. They're impressive birds - large, with this languid flight - noisy, but not the painful screeching of the white cockatoo. They appear restless by nature, often alighting on a tree but not settling there, then flying off to another tree, and so on. Can't work out what they're eating - they don't seem focused on the pecans like the white cockatoos. Did notice two galahs, which are usually timid, fiercely defending their nesting site in a tree hollow from the black cockatoos - so maybe they're looking for nesting sites here. Weather is very stable - low 20's by day 7-8 at night, no rain.

June 23, Kanagawa: We're getting on-again, off-again rain, not like the Taiwan plum rain season. The first tropical storm of the season is forming southeast of us, heading this way, due to affect our weather between the 26-28th. At this point, it's not predicted to make landfall, and it is not yet named. A bit early for this, isn't it? We saw a large snake today during our walk in our neighborhood Kannonzaki Park. God what a brilliant park that is. Just brilliant. And parking is free during the week. So we were walking on our merry way and heard a raven making odd sounds, and looked up and heard a squirrel, the first squirrel we've seen in this area, and there was a bit of commotion, then a quite large snake started dangling from the tree. It was quite a show. It fought to hang on but eventually fell. I fumbled with my stupid phone for a pic while the action was playing out but didn't get one. I just wanted to identify the snake. I'm guessing the squirrels had a nest and the snake was either going for one of them (there were two) or one of their kiddies. But it was a healthy snake, pushing 4 feet and with good girth. (DD: The beauty of a walk in the park! So much drama!)

June 27, NR: Surprise burst of warm, or at least humid weather with overnight low around 12 one night and 15-16C the next. (Highs around 22) Felt uncomfortable actually - body is getting used to cold nights then it's like summer again. Included a moderate storm with a little rain. Temps plummeted again in the wake of it - down to 4C last night - back to sunny skies today. Black cockatoos still around but reduced numbers.

June 29, NR: Rain began last night - several days of it forecast. This is the winter rain that comes up from the south east - not heavy but can drag on. First year here it was relentless until early July, 2nd year was much less, hopefully this year won't be too bad.

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