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Northern Rivers, June 6: Surprise thunderstorm last week around the 1-2nd. Short sharp style - lot of lightning. Didn't really hit here - more a glancing blow. Threatened to have that big westerly that precedes storms in spring - battened down a lot of loose iron sheets that were covering my lumber and could have theoretically come through the dining room window - but in the end it wasn't bad. Followed by a run of three cold days (17-20) The night after the storm it threatened 0 C but didn't frost - probably because of the rain in the ground kept it warm enough - that's my neighbour says anyway. Sea eagle has been around a bit - goes down to the river from time to time - just finds a good perch on the bank and waits patiently. Surprised to find a few wild mushrooms had popped up since about 10 days ago - also the odd field mushroom - last year it seemed to be a run in late March-April then nothing.

NR, June 10: The winter rains have begun. Remember this unfondly from last year where it rained every day for a month and turned large parts of my land into a swamp. Have taken steps to develop a drainage system since then but it's incomplete. Was on and off for a few days but today it's settled in - tomorrow is meant to be the same. Days are coldish but nights are relatively warm due to cloud cover. Have hardly seen the wallabies for a couple of months - might be because i'm renovating so they're scared of the noise or maybe there's adequate grass in other places so they don't need to come down to my valley. Collected several hundred pecan nuts which had fallen from a few branches of just one tree that overhangs my boundary fence - surprised the cockatoos hadn't eaten them all. There are about 6 pecan trees on my property but they were no where near as bountiful. Basically all leaves are gone from trees now. Memo to self for next year: wear gloves. Some of the nuts still had a green outer skin which peels off quite easily but stains your fingers dark brown. No amount of scrubbing has been able to remove it so far. Mulched natives just before the rain started coz not sure when i'll next be able to get down into the paddocks by car.

June 10, Aomori: June has been brilliant so far. Today was the warmest day yet, hitting 30, which is abnormal. And yet, there is still snow in the mountains.

June 13, Aomori: Another beautiful day with a high of 27, dry, mostly sunny, and yet, there is still snow in the mountains.

June 22, NR: Rainy week off and on including decent rain last night - though not nearly as wet as last year - the paddocks are still be driveable - now it's looking like we may have reached the dry season - sunny but cold week forecast. Cockatoos are showing no sign of moving on - wedge-tailed eagle around - coucal somehow got into the house - stayed pretty calm considering - opened the door let her find her way out. Wild mushrooms still around. Beans producing, zucchini, eggplant, late planted cucumber producing but not as prolific as summer ones, chamomile flowering for second time. No sign of wallabies for nearly two months - my farmer neighbour thinks it might be another neighbour walking their dog and letting the dog chase them.

June 23, Aomori: After an initial couple weeks of nice weather in June, we more recently have had overcast skies, fog, and highs sometimes not breaking the 20's. In short, shitty weather for summer. We do have nice days with sun and highs in the low to mid 20's. Today was rainy, foggy, with a high of 19 or so. It starts getting light an about 3:30 AM. Birds start about 3:45-3:55. I couldn't see the mountains today, but two days ago there was still a bit of snow in the mountains.

June 24, Aomori: More grey skies and cool temperatures. The high today did not break 20, overcast, no sun. This feels very much like coastal weather, similar to San Francisco summers, which can be downright chilly. I remember last year being very disappointed in June. Can't see the mountains. Is there still snow?

June 25, Aomori: Cloudy, breezy, grey, currently 16C at 9:50AM. It won't get out of the teens today, and we aren't forecast to see the sun for days to come. This is the June weather I remember from last year after we returned from the US late in the month. Definitely pants weather.

June 26, NR: Dry week - sunny days, cold nights getting down to zero (i guess). Light frost on a couple of nights but not the plant killer frost from last year.

June 30, Aomori: Clouds, rain, highs in the teens since 6/25 and it's supposed to continue for the next 3 days at least. This is the rainy season, and it's called the same in Japan, even this far north, as in Taiwan, plum rains.

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