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June 1, NR: First official day of winter brought the first frost. According to my neighbour it was towards the extreme end of the spectrum for this area. Killed the tomato plants and cucumber stone dead - egg plant looked dead (though the fruit seems to have stayed fresh for a few more weeks), ginger dead, and the grass has all turned yellow. Icicles in the birdbath. Days are still warm, however - shorts and t-shirt - in fact as soon as the sun comes up it's ok, but the nights are freezing - literally. Things that survived frost: citrus trees, silver beet, herbs, onions, garlic, beetroot, snow peas

June 10, Aomori: June started our nice, but this week it's not going to break 20, with nighttime lows hitting 10-11.

June 16, NR: Thunderstorms the last two days - which would seem unusual considering it's winter. Nights have been warmer since the frost though it's supposed to get down to 2C this week.

June 26, Northern Rivers: Unseasonal rain the last two days with more predicted for today - getting about 20 mil a day which is nothing in Taiwan but in the flat valley that i'm in it's a lot - the ground is already saturated and now the water is just sitting on the surface - several ponds have sprung up just around the house. Predicted frost last weekend didn't quite eventuate - maybe a moderate one - i had a hangover so slept in - though it was bloody cold. Had raced the day before to cover all my new natives with frost protection cloth - the ones that didn't get wiped out in the previous frost. Saw a grey goshawk recently - perched in a tree above a black duck with five ducklings. The ducklings are quite helpless being unable to fly. The mother duck did its best to fight off the goshawk as it made its attacks but it was an impossible task - so 'then there were four'.

June 29, Northern Rivers: The rain just kept coming - nothing massive - about 100 mil across the week but the water just sits there - woke up this morning to watch a duck fly in and land on my new 'pond'. Need to work out how to improve the drainage. The road into the house is a 1-km ribbon of brown bog - torn up by tradesmen driving their big 4W-drives on it all week - had given the go-ahead to a guy to apply a topping of road-fill but unfortunately it started raining just as he was ready to do it - now we need to wait until it dries out - if that ever happens. The good news is that season permitting, you can grow anything here - just buy the seedlings - then set and forget. A few months later go back and pick the fruit. As a winter crop i'm trying beans, lettuce, snow peas, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, spring onions and bok choy. Silver beet grows like a permanent shrub. Avocados are starting to drop to the ground. Figs are coming through - interestingly the trees barely have any leaves. Blood oranges are still a little sour

June 29 Ohio/Florida: The first three weeks of June in Ohio were unusually wet. Rivers all very high. Florida, on the other hand, has been very dry. Temps in both states higher than normal.

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