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June 6, Aomori: We've been getting nice days with highs in the low to mid 20's.

June 9, Aomori: Well, June has been nice up today. It's 3PM and 12C outside with rain. It's supposed to be mostly like this for the next 4 days. That's shitty weather for mid June. NOTE TO SELF: Next summer, leave the day after school is over and return as late as possible.

June 10, Boonah: It's not that I have been lazy on reporting, or busy, it's just the weather hasn't really changed in the last three months. Fine, sunny, gradually cooler versions thereof. Ok, it rained for 15 seconds today, so that was something. Can see rain falling on the distant mountains so guess that's the Great Dividing Range coz stuff all makes it past there. Glad I am not farming right now, even though the soil is famously fertile here. According to media reports, there is a drought going on with the third lowest May rainfall on record. Frost was forecast a couple of times but didn't eventuate. Interestingly, also seems to be a potential 'drought' situation affecting Taiwan as the Meiyu failed to launch this year

June 13, Aomori: It's noon and 12C, and that's forecast as the high today, 12C with clouds and drizzle. We're leaving for Taiwan in a few days and will be there for a month or so, so at least eventually we will get some warm weather for the first time since we left Florida in November. It was 8C when I got up this morning.

June 16, Aomori: High today of 12C. Cloudy. Rain. Feels like winter.

June 24, Aomori: Finally some warm weather has arrived. It's hitting the mid 20's this week. Pretty nice weather. Very breezy.

June 29, Kaohsiung: Beautiful weather, highs 32 or so. Nice skies, clean air. Typhoon forming east of Taiwan. Meanwhile, the forecast this week for Aomori was rain, rain, rain, highs in the high teens to low twenties. Rather be here.

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