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June 2 Istachatta: We actually got some rain today. We've had daily afternoon thunder for the last two weeks, but no real rain. Got a nice soak this afternoon, maybe 5 mils, but enough to soak the seeds I just put in the ground. Weather has been absolutely great. Cool, blanket weather nights, clear mornings, sun, afternoon clouds, pretty agreeable overall.

June 8 Istachatta: Getting hotter in the daytime. Today it will get to 34. Nights are still cool and comfortable.

June 11 Istachatta: This is a regular pattern as reported on (emphasis added): ...THUNDERSTORM IMPACT...THUNDERSTORMS ARE EXPECTED EACH AFTERNOON AND WILL BE CAPABLE OF PRODUCING STRONG GUSTY WINDS...LOCALLY HEAVY RAINS...AND FREQUENT DEADLY LIGHTNING STRIKES. Saw my first snakes yesterday, two of them together. They looked like they were about to fight or mate, similar to what I witnessed with the rat snakes in Taitung. I could have stayed, but I think I was making them nervous so moved on. They were Eastern Racers. Cute little (actually quite long) things.

June 12 Taidong: I'm depressed. The Mei Yu season, that i look forward to all year with its dramatic downpours and thunder and lightning, has pretty much failed this year. What's left is an unwelcome early start to the grinding brutality of summer in Taidong. There has been no real rain since the one and only appearance of the mei yu front in mid May. Instead it is baking hot and sunny every day. Taidong is supposed to get 275 mil of rain in June - so far we have had nothing (1 mm) - and there's nothing in the forecast period which takes us through to the closing of the Mei Yu window - and then we can expect nothing after that unless there is a typhoon - highly unlikely in June or the first half of July. We could well end up with 1/275 of our due rainfall for this month. That's some serious climate change that continues to get worse and worse. God have mercy on our souls. Dan, get that guest room ready - i am on my way to the airport.

June 18 Istachatta: Damn! That does sound severe! If it's any comfort, it was 36 here today. The heat has arrived. That's above the average of 32 or so for this time of year. But, it does still cool down sufficiently every night to take the sting out for much of the morning. I work in the garden in long pants until 10am quite comfortably. It's mostly shaded, but still, that's something. We have thunderstorms every afternoon, but unfortunately for the last few days they've been all around us but have delivered no actual rain. It clouds up briefly with thunder a couple miles away, then dissipates. Fascinating, really. Very spotty, intense thundershowers. They appear and disappear within minutes. Today we had sudden strong winds for about five minutes, thunder, then sun. If this is the bad season to be here, I'm quite happy so far. It is hot, but there's shade everywhere. Guest room is ready. Saw another Eastern Racer today. They're very likable snakes for some reason. They just look cool. I think we have armadillos visiting at night. I'm noticing little digs in the ground and they're not for roots. I haven't seen one yet. We do have a turtle nesting under the green house. We saw a coyote in the yard shortly after moving in, and a deer more recently. We here coyotes almost every night. Lots of pets.

June 30 Taidong: Only 13mm of rain for June - i am sure that must be a record low - the ave is 227. Stupefyingly hot and sunny every day. Second half of June is usually hot and dry but we missed out on any mei yu rain in first half.

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