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  • June 3: The last five days or so have been too hot to do anything. (DD: I can independently verify that.) Very strong sun, highs from 32-34. Cools down about 5 pm.
  • June 5: A late but dramatic reappearance of the mei yu with a stationary front settling over Taiwan again. It's arrival in Taipei produced hail stones (for only third time in recorded history) and 'typhoon strength' winds. Also caused flash flooding though i believe the downpour only went for 30 minutes or so. A lot tamer here so far - couple of light showers in last two days, though raining now and feels a bit more substantial(9pm) - but interesting situation with front and disorganized but developing low to the south of us. potential for some big falls somewhere on the east coast.
  • June 12: (dragon boat festival) despite another stationary front settling over Taiwan (indicating mei yu still in effect) and widespread falls around the island, it has remained dry in XC. CWB has had pop at 80=90% the last few days but nothing yet. Lightning show out to sea each night and just audible thunder, but not coming into the coast. Radar building up from south today, which looks a bit more promising. tigerhead hornet nest in carport.
  • June 13: that rain did eventually creep up but only after a another hot and sticky day. in fact we were about the last place in taiwan to get it. however, when it did come, around 11pm, it was substantial and looks like topping 100 mm before it's finished. noticed some very low almost fog like clouds drifting over about an hour or two before it broke, then a sudden drop in temp, then a gust of wind, then the downpour. although there is a stationary meiyu front over taiwan, the rain would seem to be coming from a new low pressure to the south west of us whose outflow is feeding directly into us - could rain all day and continue into the night.
  • June 14: Looks like we have our first possible, maybe, kinda typhoon developing SW of us. JTWC predicts it will move northwestward into China, but it could still bring us a lot of rain. It's been raining now for going on two days and it has no sign of ending. Taimali has had over 230 mils in the last 48 hours while Donghe has received 208 (as of 10:00 am June 14). 223mm in Xing Chang in the 48h since it started here - which makes it a major rain event.
  • June 21: small typhoon passed up the east coast in past few days. no rain from this as is usually the case with eastern typ's but another one down to the west of ppe brought two more days of heavy rain (about 128mm for XC- June 20-21). Position was similar to one that gave us the big falls a week ago - seems to put us right in the firing line of the outflow.
  • June 27: When it's not bucketing down, it's unbearably hot, and since big rain that's what we've had. some activity east of ppe but hard to say what it's doing at this stage.
  • June 28: Hot. Full stop. Very hot. Full stop. Cloudless skies. Full stop. Formation of system east of Philippines.
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