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July 4, Kanagawa: Supposed to hit 35 today. 34 right now with no wind, clear skies, and 80% humidity making for a pretty uncomfortable day.

July 7, Kanagawa: 26C at 6AM, which is fine, but with a whopping 93% humidity, no breeze, and sun it already feels weirdly uncomfortable. I remember last year when we went to Guam, Taiwan, and Thailand, it felt hotter when we got back to Japan. We went to Thailand again a couple weeks ago and it's the same -- feels hotter in Japan and it must be the humidity, or something.

July 9, NR: Up to our 8th day of consecutive rain, after which it's forecast ease. Water-table came straight back up after the first or second day, which was disturbing coz June was pretty dry. Usually the autumn rain finishes in autumn, but i seem to remember my first year here it went all the way through to July 10 - seems to be a similar deal this year. Overall, this has been the wettest summer-fall-winter i've experienced, which is saying something. We haven't had the dramatic flood events of '20 or '22, but the number of rainy days has been relentless. Overnight lows have remained above ave - which is normal with wet weather.

July 13, Kanagawa: Appears to be a minor algae bloom happening in the Tokyo Bay. Not sure. I've never seen one and haven't read any headlines so can't confirm, but we noticed it in a different area of the bay yesterday than again today. I initially thought it was oil, but, no, it's natural. Also today on the morning walk saw a very large and very dead sea turtle floating in the bay. Huge. I initially thought it might have been a person given the clear head, arms, and large torso. I can't imagine the algae bloom had anything to do with it, but who knows. The previous two weeks were well above normal temperatures here. Maybe the poor dude just got old and died. Temps now are easing back to normal, highs in the low 30's, night lows 26 or so, which is a bit to rich for my comfort when we're talking 85%+ humidity. A breeze helps, and today we have one.

July 15, Kanagawa: The temps are back to the normal range of 26-32, but the humidity has made it very uncomfortable. This morning it's at 92% with no wind. Yesterday it was 98%, which means it's damp everywhere and sweating does not cool the body down at all. Saw some small fish sort of jumping in the bay yesterday, not fully out of the water for the most part, but hundreds going at once in more than one location. Odd. Never seen it before. Could it have something to do with the algae bloom? It's a rust colored bloom and not very heavy, but seems to be widespread.

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