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July 5, Kaohsiung: Hot. It's only 32 out but it seems much hotter. It could be all the buildings and the fact that we're staying on the top floor of a poorly insulated building with an old, shitty air conditioner. Yes, it could be that. But even outside it just feels hotter than both Guam and Thailand did on our recent visit. Mostly sunny, night lows around 29.

July 20, Kanagawa: Up until today, it's been a few degrees above normal every day since we returned on the 10th, with highs above 35 and on a couple days reaching 37 with high humidity. Today it got to 32 or so. Cicadas started making their presence known in force a couple days ago.

July 25, NR: Same pattern of dry days, cold nights - down to 3-5 most nights. A little bit of rain in last couple of days, but just a sprinkle. Definitely driest winter since i've been here. Normal ave for winter here is about 7-8C but we're running well below that. Testing out the firewood supply, though have finally been able to enter north east paddock as the dip at the entrance has dried out enough to drive in. Given electricity prices have gone up a gazillion % due to ... actually nobody knows why ... but it's important to save some money on heating. A dingo took a chicken last night. Have been limiting the time that chook are allowed outside, to combat goanna problem & also prevent them from roaming too far, but even in the two hour window, a dingo struck. Had sighted one a few days ago, early afternoon, but didn't think too much coz i'd never lost a chook to a dingo before. But yesterday i heard a kerfuffle & rushed out to see a dingo chasing one of the chooks. I called them together & locked them up, but one was missing. Never did return. Part of the problem is the breed - the two that i've lost (one to eagle) have been ISA Browns (or similar) - that breed is too passive - designed by robots to be that way for the commercial industry. Big typhoon threatening Taiwan, though looks to be missing to the south.

July 29, Kanagawa: This screen grab from the Japan Meteorological Agency says it all:

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