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July 3, Kanagawa: The plum rains have indeed arrived. We've probably had nearly 200mm of rain over the last 2-3 days. UPDATE from -- "In the 72-hour period through 11 a.m. Saturday, 780 millimeters of rainfall was recorded in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, and over 550 mm was logged in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, the agency said. Rainfall also reached 122 mm in the three hours to 2:40 a.m. Saturday in Kyoto." That page also has dramatic video of a related landslide.

July 7, Northern Rivers: Coldest night of the year - thermometer was on 3C when i got up. Days are coolish but still pleasant. Still no heavy frost - pattern for this winter so far is wetter and warmer than previous years.

July 10, Kanagawa: Still morning, full sun, and hot as the dickens. 27C at 7:30AM but feels like 30 with no breeze and very high humidity. Why do these conditions feel so much worse in the morning than in the afternoon? I mean it's not that hot, technically.

July 15, NR: Unseasonably warm - overnight lows around 14-15 - daytime is normal, low 20's, overcast. The pattern is clear now - warm winter - wetter than normal. Peach tree starting to leaf-up. A buff-banded rail has taken up residence under the porch - usually secretive by nature, this one doesn't seem afraid of me - have been within a few metres several times without it appearing alarmed. Apparently they can fly but spends most of its time on the ground, darting here and there with its tail flicking furiously. Wedge-tailed eagles still around. Black cockatoos galore. According to neighbour who's lived here all his life, has some interest in birds, he's never seen so many black cockatoos here before.

July 15, Kanagawa: Hot and humid with intermittent rain, mostly without, from July 10 or so until now. Highs around 30 with high humidity.

July 16, Kanagawa: We seem to have left the meiyu and entered the full on hot summer. 32 today, clear, very little breeze, and the forecast is for a repeat of this for the next week.

July 24, Kanagawa: No change since the 16th. Copy and paste. Highs every day in the low 30's, full on sun, humid. This is about 3-5C above average. Not a drop of rain.

July 30, Kanagawa: Copy and paste, copy and paste. Daily highs in the low 30's, extreme humidity, but the last couple of days have been partly cloudy. Cicadas are going batshit crazy.

July 31: Had a run of frosts back-end of July - medium - large - then medium small. Then it hit 28 C a few days later. Buff-banded rail is still living under the porch. Purple swamphens turned up for a week acting like they owned the joint but have eaten everything of interest and moved on

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