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July 3, Aomori: This is the first sunny day we've had in a couple weeks and the first morning for a while when I could see the mountains, and, unbelievably, there is still snow in the mountains. High today should hit 22.

July 4, Aomori: Rain. Copy and paste, apparently, for the next few days.

July 5, Northern Rivers: Frost! Big one too. They are hard to predict coz forecast was saying low of 5C all week then i checked last night noticed it had switched to 0C - leaving no time to react. We'll see how the plants coped with it - not good i imagine. Slight lessening of the cockatoos, dare i say it. They have harvested all the pecans, now mopping upping other edibles in the area, such as lilipilli treees. Day time temps remain pleasant - around 19-25.

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