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July 3, Aomori: This is the first sunny day we've had in a couple weeks and the first morning for a while when I could see the mountains, and, unbelievably, there is still snow in the mountains. High today should hit 22.

July 4, Aomori: Rain. Copy and paste, apparently, for the next few days.

July 5, Northern Rivers: Frost! Big one too. They are hard to predict coz forecast was saying low of 5C all week then i checked last night noticed it had switched to 0C - leaving no time to react. We'll see how the plants coped with it - not good i imagine. Slight lessening of the cockatoos, dare i say it. They have harvested all the pecans, now mopping upping other edibles in the area, such as lilipilli treees. Day time temps remain pleasant - around 19-25.

July 11, Aomori: We've had maybe 4-5 nice days since the last posting, but it's mostly been overcast and wet with highs between 18-22. Today is rain, all day, non-stop, with highs of 18-19. Tomorrow is forecast to be the same.

July 14, NR: Frost casualties included zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, basil - all knocked stone dead. Survivors are spring onion, parsley, beans, carrots, lettuce, silver beet, onions, leek. Grass turned yellow so it was a big one. Big rain was predicted for a couple of days ago but didn't eventuate - just some drizzle. Cold and windy today - possibly associated with an 'east-coast low', which is a winter typhoon basically, churning off the coast of Sydney.

July 15, Aomori: Rain. Clouds. Highs in the high teens. Where is summer?

July 20, Aomori: This is the first day in a while that we've had sun and temps over 20. It hit 25 today. A heat wave! Since the last post until today, it has been cloudy, rainy, and very cool with highs in the high teens. Jacket weather. The night of the 18th we had a severe lightning storm. We've been here 2.5 years, and we get very little lightning, nothing even close to what we had that night. And it lasted an hour. It was a slow moving system. But this has been, so far, a very cool, cloudy summer, with severe, historic flooding in the central and southern Japan.

July 22, NR:More of the same, sunny days around 20, cold nights, though haven't had a full frost again. Big rain is again predicted over the next few days (up to 90mm) but we'll see. Haven't seen or heard the black cockatoo as yet. They're supposed to be a harbinger of rain - seems to be something in it actually - they have turned up a few times a day or so before rain events. Unlike the white cockatoo, which is a permanent, loud-mouthed, destructive annoying bird that lives in flocks of several hundred, the black cockatoo moves in small flocks, has a loud distinctive call, but not that grating shriek, and only ever hangs around for a few days at a time. It flies with this slow up and down path - very similar to the way the dragons flew in GoT - i wonder if they modeled it on them. Usually there are just 3-5. The biggest flock i saw was around 20 - and it did piss down for several days just after they arrived. Cut grass on north side - after spending two hours picking up the branches the white cockatoos have bitten off for fun then made three large piles and burned them. Should be the last cut until after the spring rains. Cut the other side a few weeks ago it's grown a little but doesn't need cutting yet.

July 23, NR: Black cockatoos made an appearance - a flock of 15 - but no rain so far despite a 95% PoP for today. Forecasters have doubled down though with over 100 mm now forecast over the next three days. Seemed to be no white cockatoos today for the first time in several months - hoping they've moved on.

July 28, Aomori: July has been a huge disappointment. We've had maybe 5 nice, warm, sunny days, quite literally. It's been raining for three day with highs in the high teens.

July 28, NR: Seems our winter tops Aomori's summer! The forecast rain did come - rained all night then into the next day - enough to have water lying around in the paddocks but not out of control - probably around 60 mil all up. The rain was the result of an 'east-coast low' which is basically a winter cyclone. Although there was very little wind with the rain, as soon as the rain passed it got windy - around 40-50kph coming from the north. Places further south copped worse conditions with flash flooding and 80kph winds. Plovers appear to be nesting on the ground 30 metres from house. That could be problematic as they're known to be fiercely protective.

July 30, Aomori: The last two days have seen sun. High yesterday of 21, today of 26. We may have gotten over the plum rain hump. Let's hope so.

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