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  • July 3: the TS that passed to the south of us was a bit of a disappointment so far as rain - a few drops last night but not enough for a garden watering. problem was no poleward outflow when it passed us, though central range did get decent rain. did get an amazing lightning show - tongues of it seemed to be flickering onto the porch - hadn't seen anything like that before. The bump in temp that comes with july seemed to start last week of june - shaping up as a brutal summer. my thermometer in shade on the porch is consistently showing 38-9 C.
  • July 7: Continuing hot and dry with southerly wind over last 3 days. Lots of contrails yesterday - supposedly a sign of rain with 48 hrs - see if we get anything tonight-tomorrow. possible straight runner heading towards us - should be here by thurs fri. (did rain in most places in taidong, but not much here)
  • July 14: Typhoon Soulik approached Taiwan from almost due east over the last week and made landfall around Fulong in the north east around 11pm on July 12. Dropped 1000mm on mountain areas in the mid-north west. Big winds in taipei but no serious flooding there. In Taidong, the wind didn't start until after the eye had made landfall, then came from the south. Some huge gusts came through from the south around 3am (about 4hrs after landfall) and lasted an hour or two. Branches broken off trees and electricity out for the Dulan area - branches falling onto lines. Little to no rain associated with the big winds here, but the weird thing was the temperature. We have had the Foehn effect before in taidong, but never really noticed it before - however, this time is was very obvious. Outside the wind was hot and stifling - 36C in the middle of the night! hard to breathe. Don't know what the world record is for highest overnight temp, but that must be close. Huge waves preceeded the typhoon - just breaching hotel at high tide. Some rain on the sat, but only about 12mm. Looks like we will get bigger falls today as substantial tail trails across east coast.
  • July 23: It's been an active July, as discussed in the forum The blazing heat of Dragon Boat days is over, with the ITCZ pushing more into our region, bringing us more scattered showers, especially at night. Days are hot and humid.
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