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Jan 1, Northern Rivers: Wild start to the new year. Torrential downpour last night around 7pm, then it continued off & on as heavy rain all night. We've had 130mm & counting, though further north there are several places around 300mm - up to 500mm in the border ranges! Usual goofy BoM forecasting which was only predicting 30mm tops. For some reason they seem utterly incapable of predicting big falls - my technique now is if they say 30-40, then get ready for anything up to 200 or more. Back yard is flooded. Put in an extra two downpipes for the roof gutters in the last couple of weeks - they seemed to work well. Feels like an East Coast Low (cyclone), but it's not showing as a low on the BoM charts - though i wouldn't trust that either. Coming up from the south east.

Jan 6, NR: Big rain put a dent in the temps at least, though very hot/humnid night a couple of nights ago. 25+C in bedroom when i went to bed & 25 when i woke up. Hottest night was 27+ somewhere in Dec - been regularly around the 24 mark. Haven't seen the wallabies for a while - hardly sighted them since that day they were hopping around in a confused manner. Today is coolish with light rain, with a top of only 26. Cut grass for second time in tree paddock last week. Was overdue - only able to cut with blades high in most areas so will need doing again soon. Grass is growing like crazy with all the rain. Insane crop of cucumbers from what was a punnet of 4 plants. Saw a nankeen night heron when i inadvertently flushed it from shrub in backyard - that's species number 75 seen on the property.

Jan 9, Kanagawa: 24 has been calm so far with typical sunny, dry, and often windy winter weather. This morning it was 3 at 5:30, the coldest to date. Temps have generally been a degree or two above normal with highs of 12-15. Had a very warm 17 the other day. Cold front moving in with highs on the 11th forecast to be around 8. We'll see if it freezes. Overall, so far, a comfortable winter. Humidity was down to 35% yesterday.

Jan 14, Kangawa: Got down to 0 overnight. That's a new low for the winter. Today will be sunny, dry, low wind and high of 12. All in all not bad weather.

Jan 27, NR: 28.1C in bedroom at midnight last night, 27.8 outside, both new records. Stayed hot all night. Run of hot days (mid 30s) - summer hard yards right here. Cut grass over last three days - two weeks since last time - definitely needed it. Tree paddock, which i hadn't done for 4 weeks, took two runs - first on high setting, then again on low. Growing like crazy due to regular rain & hothouse conditions. Weather forecast has been all over the shop - there's a remnant cyclone in mid-north west Qld - seems to be drawing moisture in right over us. Initially the forecast was for big rain today & tomorrow - then that changed to little to no rain - then that changed back to big rain (160mm) over next four days - including 70mm on Jan 30. We really don't need that coz water table is already up ever since downpour on NYE. So much for El Nino, drought & fires. Humidity is such that floors have turned sticky. Remember something similar in Taidong. Hopefully, it's not a portent of a massive deluge.

Jan 30, NR: BoM's forecast has flipped again for the third time back to no rain. Hopefully it stays that way. Looking at the radar, there's a rotating low pressure over the area with a large eye around Gold Coast to Brisbane & most of the rain falling north of there on the Sunshine Coast (100mm+). If that tracks south we could be looking at another forecast back-flip. A mudlark has appeared in the last week or so - it's weirdly tame - approaching to within a few feet, singing loudly, showing no fear. It even sought me out in my workshed whilst i was using power tools. Seems it just likes a bit of company. Incredible humidity continues. There's more atmosphere here than at Dulan Sugar Factory Cafe on a Saturday night in its heyday - ok, not that much, but still a lot. First tomatoplant has started flowering.

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