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Jan 1, Kanagawa: Coldest day of winter so far. It was -1 at 6AM. Today will be very clear and calm with a high of 7. The sun and low wind make a huge difference.

Jan 1, NR: The rain is now officially giving me the shits - but there's at least another week of wet weather to come - in fact it's meant to ramp up. Been trying for 5 days to get a load of washing dry. The sun comes out - you put it out - then rush off to do some other things - then a squall comes through and catches you out. 2021 must be close to record cool and record wet. Although we haven't had a torrential downpour, if you looked at most days with some rain, we'd have to be close to record territory. Apart from September, when i watered the veggie garden a few times, i've not had to water at all in over a year!

Jan 3, Kanagawa: It was 3C at 5AM and the high today will be 4C... with rain. Coldest day of the winter so far.

Jan 16, NR: Crazy storm struck last night around 1.30am - totally unforecast. It was like being inside a sci-fi film - the amount of lightning was nuts - sometimes you see storms on the horizon and the lightning is almost constantly pulsing - it was like that but i was in it - thought i was about to be transported through a worm-hole at any second. The other thing was the duration. Normally those intense storms are wham-bam affairs but this seemed to go on all night. Thunder is still rumbling away but not so close and rain has stopped. Cut house grass for 5th time about a week ago - it really needed it. Needs it again already. Before last night's storm we've had a few dry days - high 20's to low 30's - warm nights - was still 24C outside when i went to bed. There was supposed to be a week of dry weather but that didn't pan out.

Jan 18, NR: A couple of hot humid days after the weird night storm - no repeat - no rain. Weed-whacked the orange trees - should have done it earlier - they were overgrown - trees have fruit but don't look as healthy as last year. Will add some ferilizer today. Got stung by two wasps - which was the third sting in the last month or so. Recent one was coz they'd built a nest in the mower shed but i didn't notice it so went too close - two 'guards' went for me - one in the chest, the other on the finger. It's a sharp burning sensation - stings for a few minutes - then it's ok - though can still feel the chest one a few days later. Of course nothing compared to tiger-head hornet. Remember after tiger-head sting someone said i'd be immune from catching a cold for two years - wonder if it works with Covid?

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