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Jan 1, Taidong: New year's day began with a bang with two local earthquakes - one a 3.9 at 5 am and another 4.1 at 11.20. The second one, although just a short, sharp shudder, was an attention-getter. Interestingly, there was a period of reduced internet connection in the previous couple of days - have noticed this before and it may just be a coincidence but I suspect there is some co-relation. Also coincided with a super-moon event. Ended up with 6 earthquakes in the sequence within 24 hours including two biggish ones in the middle of the night, the largest being a 4.3. Short of things flying off the shelves but not by much - definitely enough to get the heart pumping. Tapered off the next day and relatively quiet since. Weird thing was that each quake emanated from almost exactly the same spot - which was around the Miramar site - normally you would expect some dispersement as the pressure release travelled along the fault line but that wasn't the case this time - almost typical of a volcano-type disturbance - in fact I checked for any volcanoes but there are no known ones in that area though Green and Orchid Island are old non-active volcanoes and I assume the hot springs around Taidong city are a sign of ancient volcanoes

Jan 10, Taidong: Local earthquake activity has subsided since the new year's opening salvo though it has remained active along the east coast. Had previously noticed a clear connection in activity on the fault stretching up from Orchid Island to Turtle Island and this has again been the case. Most quakes around the 4M range stretching between the above two islands - including a 4.3 last night near Orchid Island and another similar strength near there the day before. Previously, any quake there is mirrored here within a period of a few days to two weeks. Also there have been examples of the so-called earthquake clouds - layering of elongated 'snake-like' clouds though I noticed this more after our local event than before Finally got some half-decent rain - just a slow drizzle but it has gone on for several days - yesterday was also the coldest day of the season getting down to 15 point something in Taidong and 10 in the north

Jan 11, Taidong: possible earthquake clouds in the south west on evening - there was an earthquake there today - wondering if earthquake clouds are more of an after the event thing than a predictor Noticed squirrel giving an alarm sound after hearing (false) alarm sound of chickens

Jan 21: Caught mongoose in trap but he escaped on approach (have set trap since then to Feb 7 but nothing so far and no sign of return)

Jan 23 Aomori Nasty weather. Cold with freezing rain mixed with snow, windy. This week it's not supposed to get above 0C.

Jan 26, Taidong: Noticed a 'slowing down of the internet' this morning' so we'll see if that turns out to be an earthquake predictor. There was a 4.3 just north of here a couple of days ago - surprised in the end how small it felt - only 20 km deep and seemed to be centred just north of Dong He. Getting a few more showers but no 'tank filler'

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