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Jan 6, Taidong: Hot weather continues unabated. There have only been a few days that you could even vaguely describe as cold - the rest of 'winter' has been shorts and t-shirt. It feels like climate change has taken a great leap forward in the last few years. Still only using summer quilt and the fan to sleep. Extremely dry - rain wise - though still humid - haven't had a decent rain in Xing Chang for 6 weeks, Tanks ran dry about two weeks ago and i've had to top up from the bore water.

Jan 7, Kaohsiung: Still hot in Kaohsiung, and it's been a warm winter so far in Florida. We've been in Kaohsiung since the end of September, over three months, and we've had one, maybe two very light showers, certainly under 10 or 15 mm. Very dry.

Taidong Jan 31 Ditto for Taiong. Warm and dry - about 2 degrees above ave and only 6.7 mil (ave 30). This has been the pattern for many months. Picked first ripe tomatoes on Jan 27. First zuchini and cucumber about the same time. Good crops of snow peas, carrots and lettuce. Green pepper struggling. Water tanks are running out every couple of weeks - keep topping them up from ground water supply. Chinese New Year i was getting around in shorts and t-shirt - can't remember doing that before.

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