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Jan 5 Kaohsiung: The first full week of 2015 is starting off beautifully. The high today is around 27, very clear, and relatively clean air. Beautiful day, good enough for a comfortable swim in an outdoor pool.

Jan 11 Kaohsiung: Continued dry and sunny. Highs in low 20's, lows in the mid teens. I'll probably be able to copy and paste this entry through March.

Jan 15 Taidong: Virtually no dbjf - just some wind that comes through with the cool changes. Still saw a lone asian ginat hornet and a couple of fire flies around mid jan. Pattern with the rain is that there's a mild southerly preceeding a cold front and it rains the day before the coldfront arrives.

Jan 19 Kaohsiung: Very consistent weather with lows in the mid teens and highs in the low 20s. The only thing to change is the air quality, which is is normally bad or worse with an occasional not too bad day.

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