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  • Jan 2: After a very chilly and wet New Year's Eve and Day (bit drier yesterday), today has been a nice, warm, sunny day in Zhiben.
  • Jan 13: Almost no rain until 12-13th when we had 20+ml caused by TD passing east of us and interacting with a passing coldfront. Rain actually came in from the the south which would seem to confirm TD's input.
  • Jan 14: Warmish during rain but after it passed a major cold surge and dbjf moved in. Not the biggest one of the season, but pretty decent. picked first ripe tomato of season (technically i had one about a week ago but chickens got to it before me). Again wind came through about 4-5 in the morning. Usually dbjf starts around 9 in the morning, but a few times this year they have come through just before dawn.
  • Jan 22: a few days ago, i saw a couple of fireflies, which surprised coz i thought the season had finished, then saw another couple tonight. Then i realized that they are a different variety. The autumn ones are a green color, but the ones i've seen the last few nights have been the yellow variety, which normally don't come out until spring. It has been spring like weather the last few days - night rains and warm sunny days, but still a surprise. Strawberries are producing fruit, but being attacked by birds.
  • Jan 23: Very nice weather the last couple of days. Yesterday was a shorts and T-shirt day. Evenings cool.
  • Jan 27: pretty stable weather now for the last couple of weeks, the odd cool day, but pretty warm, with moderate winds. been a dearth of coldfronts crossing Taiwan in this period. continue to see yellow fireflies. high fullmoon tide with biggish seas - steady supply of fresh driftwood coming up.
  • Jan 31: Beautiful day today, sunny with highs in the mid 20s. I'm not sure if they were swallows or finches, but they were quite active today. Gardens need watering.

Jan Rainfall: 35.5. A bit below ave, but the main thing is that there has been no rain after Jan 17. A couple of good falls before them, most likely associated with two late typs moving through ppe. Interesting how even in Jan we are still reliant on typ for rain.

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