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Feb 1, NR: Technically it's Jan 31 i just realized, but i'm here now. Been less rain - but still some rain every day - hot humid - not pleasant. Ground dried out enough to cut house grass no. 6? Lot of stuff died off in veggie patch - guess too wet - ended up with reasonable tomato crop but it's finishing now. Pumpkin is growing insanely same as last year - small fruit appearing. Forecast 35 tomorrow, then storms, then more big rain.

Feb 3, Kanagawa: The last couple of weeks have been mostly dry and sunny. Today temp is 3 at 5:30AM, high to be around 10, and sunny. Not too shabby compared to Misawa.

Feb 6, Kanagawa: Coldest day so far this winter. It was 0 at 6:30AM and the high will be 7. Clear day, light wind. Apparently they had major snow on the west coast.

Feb 6, NR: More fuckn rain. Days of it. I don't know how many days without rain in the last 3 months - 6-7? That's off a wet year. This could even surpass Xi Jhih as the wettest world i've lived through.

Feb 13, NR: Some small respite - 2-3 days without rain but it's back again - not too heavy. Temps moderate, around 20C in bedroom when i turn in - getting down to 16-17. Baby goanna seems to be getting used to my presence - doesn't run off if i'm around. Likes to climb up posts to get into the roof. Found this: Monitors eat just about anything they can catch and swallow whole .. including insects, birds, eggs, small reptiles and mammals.

Feb 14, Kanagawa: Feb has been brutal for the most part with temps consistently 2-3 degrees below normal, cold, wind, but with a few sunny and pleasant days. This morning the low was 2 with rain and high winds of 25Kts and gusts up to 40.

Feb 17, Kanagawa: The last couple of days have been a little nicer. Yesterday was fine with a high of 11 or so, sunny, and relatively calm. Today not so nice with higher winds and afternoon clouds, but still closer to average. Daylight by 6AM, a clear sign that spring is coming. Things are looking up. Beautiful full moon rising at 5:50AM yesterday. Huge, yellow.

Feb 18, Kanagawa: Mark this day! It was 6C at 5AM which isn't a whole lot warmer, but it felt different. Left the house at 6AM and it was well on it's way to daylight. Previously, the last few days at that time, it was just beginning to get light. But today it was definitely morning. Highs this week more around normal of 10-12, but next week it's supposed to be in the low to mid teens. Yes, the corner has been turned. Spring hasn't quite sprung, but it's getting ready.

Feb 20, Kanagawa: Rain in the morning, nice afternoon with sun, high of 10, low wind. Trees are budding.

Feb 26, NR: The Big Wet has gone from bad to worse with a major rain even happening right now. Appears to be a low circulating over land drawing in moisture from a deep trough sitting off of the east coast - with a High to the south preventing it from taking natural course to NZ. The result is falls of up to 450 mm in a day in places just north of here. Widespread falls of 250+ and that's just the last 24 hrs. This has already been going on for 4-5 days - it was supposed to be a two-day event but keeps regenerating - forecast now is for two more days at least - with up to 150mm predicted for here on each day! We've been lucky so far - hopefully that luck holds. Wild tomatoes have flowered - moved undercover coz too much rain.

Feb 26, update, 11.30pm, NR: Steady rain all day - one burst of torrential rain will be enough to flood the creek. 5 dead in floods 100 km to the north and the system is moving down over us tonight/tomorrow. Alarmingly, the forecast for tomorrow has gone from 50-150 to 150-250mm! That would not be good if it eventuates. Feb 27, 2pm, NR: Creek has gone crypto (broken the banks) at horseshoe bend - as it does - there's a logjam getting around the bend - not threatening house at this stage but the worry is we still haven't had the sustained torrential bit - one hour@100mil would be enough to equal the last flood - 2 hrs would potentially reach the house. North of here has been smashed over several days - BOM: four-day rainfall of 1,360mm for Pomona and 709mm overnight at Mt Glorious System is slowly crawling south - still blocked by stationary High - hopefully it gets a move on soon.

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