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Feb 2, Northern Rivers: Great weather continues - though a bit muggy at night if i was to be picky. Highs around 28 - lows around 20. Some rain but at the 'Garden of Eden' level - just enough to water garden. That might change today with a couple of inches forecast for today and tomorrow - but nothing to worry about in terms of flooding. Baby wallaby is out of the pouch and feeding close to house with mother. Butcher bird (Bubu) is changing plumage - losing the juvenile grey and replacing it with solid black. After spending months helping to feed the nestlings (his brothers/sisters), he now doesn't want a bar of them - chases them off when they come onto porch for food. The ravens with their one offspring appeared to set up a chaperoned meeting with a fellow juvenile that arrived for a visit. It went well - the juveniles played around like silly teenagers together as the parents watched on. Avocadoes starting to drop - small ones.

Feb 10. NR: Moderate summer continues - around 17-28 most days with regular rains. Cockatoos which turned up a week or so ago haven't gone crazy yet but noticed an increase today. Some avocadoes starting to drop - as with humans it seems they're also awful to eat for animals when not ripe but delicious when they are so need to collect any dropped ones before they ripen.

Feb 11, Aomori: February has basically sucked, with heavy snow, wind, cold, ice, and basically no redeeming value whatsoever. One positive note, sunrise is clearly coming early, and this morning for the first time all winter I heard birds when I walked out the front door at 6AM. It was just beginning to get light.

Feb 14, Aomori: Weather has started coming from the south, so things are warming up. Today we had a high of 9C. Weather coming out of the east at the moment.

Feb 19, NR: Wet weather arrived as advertised - a whole week of it with an inch or more each day. Today is the wettest - with a downpour as i type. It's a similar situation to when the creek flooded with a low forming off the coast feeding rain in - just need that torrential burst for an hour or so to send it over the top. Noticed some unusual behaviour from plovers. Normally they hang around in small family groups of two or three - but a few days ago 12-14 gathered and formed a circle about 15 metres in diameter. It was some sort of group meeting - like knights of the round table. Went on a long time - looked civilized. May have been a match-making thing coz last years kids are coming of age.

Feb 27, NR: Rain has finally stopped though still very humid. Week of 30C weather - around 24C at bedtime - getting down to 20C overnight - that's higher than usual. Tomatoes all died due to too much rain - need a better-drained situation for them. Zucchini struggling for same reason. Cockatoos have returned but not in mega-numbers so far. Harvesting avocado - felt like some disappeared but maybe not. Harvested 6-7 Kent pumpkin. Blood oranges are disappointing this year - despite fertilizer application. May have let the weeds overgrow them too much - cut weeds back last week.

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