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February 2, Aomori: It's been colder the last few days with highs rarely getting over 0 and lows down to -9. The good news is that the days are getting noticeably longer.

Feb 6, Taidong: Record breaking earthquake sequence centred in north east Hualien county (see forum thread), including 4 x 5M - started on the morning of Feb 4 (maybe earlier - that when I noticed a spike in activity there) and still going strong nearly 3 days later - including another 5M today. Been a pretty cold winter - cold all this week, down to 9.8 in Taidong supposedly though didn't feel like it - and expected to continue that way through to the weekend. Dry spell continues. Tomatoes going strong - ducks, unfortunately, have worked out that baby lettuce is delicious so they do need to be separated from the lettuce at least - though their favourite food is still snails so they do serve a purpose A few days ago noticed the ducks looking nervous and looked down to see a monkey pool party going on in the new pond. 2 macaques were actually in the water taking a bath while a few others were lounging around the edges. Maybe it's the drought that's emboldened them but also suspect they sense that I'm incapacitated with the hip replacement recovery and were insolently taking advantage of that changed dynamic - I waved my crutch around to scare them off from the top of the hill unable to get down there and hurl stones at them like normal - but it was clear they sensed I was no real threat - sauntered off in their own good time and then just retreated to the bare minimum distance

Feb 22, Aomori: Still cold as hell. It was -9 when I left for work this morning.

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