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Feb 5 Istachatta: So far February has been a few degrees below normal in temperature and we've had probably 2 inches of rain in two significant rainfalls. The 3rd saw temperatures in the mid 80's, nice, then humid with rain on the 4th as a cold front came through, and today it's been clear and cool with highs in the low 60's. Tonight will be in the low 40's (6-10C?), with that patter predicted for the rest of the week. Very blue skies and low humidity. All in all not bad weather. I wouldn't mind if it were about 10 degrees F warmer, but I'll take it. We heard what we suspect were the squeals armadillo last night. Lots of interesting nocturnal sounds around here.

Feb 11 Istachatta: It was -1C, 31F last night. The past week has seen very unstable, cold, wet weather with a couple of nice days. Today was great after about 9AM. Calm, sunny.

Feb 12 Istachatta: Nice day. High of 71F. Sunny. Mosquitoes came out immediately.

Feb 14 Istachatta: Absolutely beautiful day and it looks like a nice week ahead. Crystal clear blue skies, warm enough for shorts and T-shirts, but not hot. Doesn't get much nicer. It's still going to be cool tonight, with low predicted to be 52F 11C, but it's nearly 17:30, and it's still 71F or nearly 22C. Highs for the next few days should be in the mid to high 70sF or mid 20sC. I had another nasty bout of poison ivy or perhaps a bite of some sort, this time on my hand. Do we even have poison ivy in Taiwan? This one may have been a bite, but it feels like poison ivy. Today I planted okra, cucumber, and tomato in the green house. Soon I'll turn over the vegetable beds and get things rolling. Let's hope the below freezing temps are over.

Feb 18 Istachatta: The pattern this week is clear skies, cool nights, (sort of) warm sunny days. Night lows in the mid 40's with daytime highs in low 70's. There seems to be a hint of spring in the air and some plants are budding. Still a risk of frost? I do not know but I would assume there is at least through the end of Feb.

Feb 29, Taidong: Rainy pattern has abrubtly halted and had nothing for three weeks or more. My ku ling trees are just re-leafing but older trees are already flowering. Poor tomato crop - due in part to a lack of attention, must be said. Temp had been pretty normal for Feb i would imagine - couple of cold surges with accompanying - last one as recent as Feb 28. 'Bluey' (brown/blue bird) is still camped in the garage. No nightjars calling as yet, which is later than other years. Feb 24 Istachatta: Been very nice the last few days with highs in the mid to high 70's and night lows in the 50's and 60's. Cold front coming through today will push night time lows back down into the mid 30's for the next two nights, but clear sunny days in the mid 60's. Things are starting to bloom. Trees are budding and flowering.

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