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  • Feb 1 Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung weather for the month, unless noted. No rain, mostly sunny with intermittent clouds, temps between 12-25. Only chance or rain is a major front from the west.
  • Feb 8 Kaohsiung: Bit of a cold fron this week, but this weekly forecast sets the stage for spring. I'll be very surprised if we have another substantial front after this. That 25 degree high next week is a marker. Pools traditionally open up 3/15 for a reason. So this forecast 25 high next week is the first, then it will be more common, until by mid March it will be the norm.
  • Feb 15 Kaohsiung: Today feels like a blast of spring with moist, warm air coming in from the SE. Maybe the hot weather will arrive early this year?
  • Feb 22 Kaohsiung: We had a nice 40+ mils of rain overnight. That's the first good rain we've had in nearly 7 months.
  • Feb 26 Kaohsiung: It hit 29.4 today and sure felt like summer.

Taidong Feb: Been busy so just a general run down. Probably the nicest month in Taidong - minimal wind, still cool, and the odd burst of warm days and the hint of spring coming. Heard first nightjars around beginning of feb. Dry run continues with less than half ave rainfall. Friendly lizards returning end of feb. Ku ling tree flowering around feb 20 but the one in front of my house always seems to lag for some reason and only flowered last few days of feb. Became completely bare early feb but that only lasted a couple of days before new growth started to sprout. Mango gres blooming mid-late feb. 15mm rainfall preceeding coldfront in mid feb - light southerly before it.

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