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Feb 6: After the long dry spell, we've been getting showers over Chinese New Year. Interesting this was preceded by a burst of frog calling that started a couple of days before the rain. We've had intermittent showers between Feb 2 through today (about 20mm in total). It's been balmy with highs in the high twenties. Yesterday's rain came with a southerly wind, which is pretty unusual for winter and may signal a shift in seasons. Showers seem to start in the afternoon with warm sunny mornings - in fact so hot yesterday that i started to get that 'fear of summer' feeling.

Feb 8: Hear first call of nightjar for the season- let the raquet begin!(pretty much the exact same time as last year) Same day noticed first re-leafing of kuling tree.

Feb 9: Cold front approaching as describe on the forum posting at The forecasts for the SE coast keep changing by the hour, but it looks like lows aren't going to reach around 15 with highs in the very low 20's for the next few days. Cool started coming in this afternoon. Let's appreciate it while we can get it! (yeah, in a few months time we'll barely be able to comprehend that feeling) Huge rain in north half of taiwan today.

Feb 10: Rain has spread island wide today, but not getting the falls that they had in the top half yesterday. Major snow storm in northern Japan associated with a low pressure system. Cold today, but still no sign of the wind. Still no sign of yellow firefly here - it was well and truly out this time last year.

Feb 11: 12C when I got up this morning, and that is in Taitung. It's almost certainly colder in Dulan. Some rain last night.

Feb 13: Wind never did eventuate, despite looking like it on the charts and CWB issuing warnings for three days. In fact it's been quite calm. Light drizzle has persisted on and off over the last few days - enough to keep the moisture in the ground from previous rain. Meanwhile, several days of heavy falls in Taipei and Keelung. What a place to live! And this is their dry season.

Feb 22: A recent cold front brought temperatures down to 11 or so, making it as cold as anything we've had all winter. It didn't last long. It was 14 in Taitung on the CWB site when I got up this morning. Yesterday and today have been beautiful with sun and highs around 20 but feels warmer.

Feb 25: Spell of perfect weather for several days. Included unexpected 10mm rainfall early one morning - didn't seem to be associated with low pressure or cold front. Kuling tree has started to bloom. Lemon-scented acacia (?) is in full bloom. No sign of yellow fireflies this spring, Light southerly today - often seems to be a precursor to rain. Looks like a major front is coming through on Sun-Mon. Looks to be travelling pretty slow which makes it more like a mei yu front then a regular cold front (which moves quickly) Have noticed bamboo chickens in the vegie patch a couple of times - think they are knocking off my strawberries.

Feb27: Southerly wind did give way to ne wind and a light drizzle. Several fronts coming into play in the coming few days and daily changes in the forecast charts. TD heading towards ppe. Strawberries going well, but tomatoes seem a bit slower this year and not as abundant.

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