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  • Feb 3: After two weeks of dry weather, we've had a substantial rainfall over the first few days of Feb (74ml) which is almost double the Feb ave (40.5. Though i see that last year we had 90 for Feb.) Rain was interesting in that it wasn't associated with coldfront but came up from the south - almost seemed to be a reversal of the monsoon flow, with a light southerly wind. No organized tropical storm but a couple of low pressures to the south. Did have a short sharp arthritus attack a couple of days prior to rain. Also there was heavy haze the day before with many people complaining about allergies. Still seeing the yellow firefly.
  • Feb 4: Very springlike recently. The frogs have been going wild and last night we saw a bug associated with spring or summer, the longish, hairy, sort of cute/funny looking chubby things about 3cm long. They fly but usually are seen crawling on the ground or sometimes walls.
  • Feb 6: We heard the Savanna Nightjar tonight. It seems very early for that. We also heard second hand that mango trees are blooming early. Also, last night I heard an insect I've never heard before. It sounded exactly like a water sprinkler - the type you'd hear on golf courses. Very odd. It wasn't any cicada I'd heard before. Totally new to me.
  • Feb 7: It seemed quite warm today, and humid. Definitely not what I associate with my limited experience with Taidong winters. The snakes are out. I saw two in the course of an hour or so midday. The first was a cobra right next to our new place, the other a rat snake crossing the back road our place is on. I might have to evaluate my initial prediction that this new place will have fewer snakes.
  • heard my first nightjar of the season, a day after yours - so they are on the go. Not something i particularly welcome on account of how piercingly noisy they can be. yellow fireflies still out
  • From last Feb 15: heard a bat noise - a loud high pitched tone - assume they must be migratory and have just returned. (turned out they're nightjars and i think they are always here, but just get noisy during mating season) first yellow fireflies of the season. That puts us a bit over a week ahead of last year for the nightjars and several weeks for the fireflies. not that surprising considering the run of warm weather we've had. Not sure about the snakes, but wonder if they wake up too early, then a cold snap comes, can they then go back to bed again? Cool change came through with moderate dbjf last night but even that wasn't so cold. But what does it all mean for typhoon season!?
  • Feb 9: New Year's Eve. DBJF has died down and it's calm and cool. Low's to get under 20. Brrrrr. Beats -20.
  • Feb 20: Warm winter has continued with a few downright hot days and the odd light southerly. Cool change and mod-strong dbjf came through yesterday and continued deep into the night. TD currently tracking through ppe - hasn't produced rain here yet. Mueller's Barbet is going nuts. Japanese green pigeons have returned in large numbers. A flock of about 30-40 visiting tree behind veg patch. Rong Shu is producing berries and it may be this that is attracting them.
  • Feb 27: took a drive over to luye and was surprised to find that the kuling seemed to be in full bloom. But looks to be still some way off that at my place.
  • Feb 28: Haven't seen stats (coz there aren't any) but that must have been one of the warmest Febs on record. No serious cold snaps and slept with just summer quilt most of the time. The occasional moderate dbjf, but nothing huge. Rainfall: 106.5 ml, which is well above ave of 40ml,though nearly all of that fell on three days, Two week dry patch in between falls. Fireflies still out.
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