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Dec 4, NR: Mowed house grass for 3rd time. Storm came through in the evening - power went out in the first 5 minutes (about 6pm) - took 10hrs (!!!) to get it back on. It was the one that blows through pretty strong - thunder and lightning - but more from the south west than the west. Kinda been waiting for it - seems there's a couple every year. But really, it wasn't that big of a storm. I've been through typhoons in Taiwan where the power stayed on. For the power to be out for 10 hrs in Taiwan you're talking a major catastrophe. Surprise appearance of field mushrooms - usually they come out in autumn.

Dec 8, Kanagawa: 8C at 5AM this morning with heavy rain. Low for the next few days will be between 5-9 with rain lasting all day today then clearing tomorrow. Nasty weather.

Dec 11, NR: A couple more rainy days but finally it did break - outlook is dry for the next week. Three raven babies this year - which is a lot - last year there was only two. The young ones are funny - very curious - love playing around.

Dec 14, Kanagawa: It was 6C at 5AM this morning and never got out of the single digits all day, making it the coldest day yet this winter.

Dec 17, NR: Mowed tree paddock today for third time - needed it but not out of control - could have left it another few days but took advantage of cool overcast day. Seems trees do nothing for a year - zero growth - but start to take off in 2nd/3rd years. Biggest ones are about 10 foot. Saw a tiger snake yesterday (black with lighter shade for stripes - which can vary through to bright yellow) - resting on the grass under a sapling near house - slightly dangerous spot as just near a path i commonly walk on. Seen two goannas in last couple of weeks - a small one that appeared to climb up into the roof - and a big one yesterday wandering calmly past the bedroom window. Been relatively cool 26-28 with comfortable night time temps - usually around 20 when i go to bed - gets down to 15-17 overnight. I remember 26 was standard in Taitung during summer. A week of dry, hot weather is forecast.

Dec 18, Kanagawa: 6C at 6AM with steady winds of 12-15kt making for a brisk morning. I need to remember to wear gloves on morning walks in this weather. Mt. Fuji completely covered in snow now.

Dec 28, Kanagawa: 2C at 6AM, calm, clear skies. They are apparently getting record setting 24-hour snowfall on the west coast. This front is unusually long, cold, and wet. Hopefully the wet will stay on the other side of the mountains.

Dec 28, NR:Cold spell! In the middle of summer. Normally it's t-shirt and shorts day or night but have an extra layer on today. Max of 23C today - down to 15. Coming week is 24-26. Rain continues but we haven't had anything dramatic - that might come with big falls predicted around New Year's Day. Mowed house and tree paddock for 4th time. Tree paddock didn't need it but with visitors coming i was worried i may not get another chance with forecast rain. Saw a python around the house yesterday - interestingly the raven was onto it - pecking it on the tail - though surprisingly not making any alarm noise - normally they go-off at any predator and call in reinforcements. The snake reared up at the raven but the raven didn't seem too worried. Those pythons move pretty slow. They can climb trees so they would be a threat to nestlings or even a sleeping adult bird at night.

Dec 30, NR: Another 'cold' day/night. Had on track pants, t-shirt, shirt, jumper - but still felt cold. Went outside to check the temp - it was 19C. It's funny how your body adjusts relative to heat. If it was a 19C evening in winter i'd be sweating - but in summer it feels freezing. Reminds me of Taidong on a cold night - you'd see tourists in T-shirts - and all the locals rugged up. Rained again yesterday - this has to be one of the wettest years on record - it was really starting to shit me off yesterday coz there's stuff i needed to do outside - hell, just getting my washing dry would be nice. Thankfully today is sunny.

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