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Dec. 6, Aomori: The snow has arrived in force. We had about 8" yesterday morning and it will snow all weekend. Highs are hitting very low single digits, 1C to 3C, lows -1 to -5. Right now it's a mix of melting snow, slush, all of which refreezes into a slippery, dangerous mess. This is the beginning of the winter buildup of layers upon layers, and it won't clear until late March or early April.

Dec. 14, Aomori: I'm shoveling snow most every morning now. The temperature stays between -3 and +5 C. It's fine when then wind isn't blowing. It's usually windy.

Dec. 29, Aomori: Snow. Wind. Lows around -6 with highs sometimes getting over 0. I could probably just copy and paste this post for every day until April.

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