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Dec 15 Istachatta: It's been very mild so far in December. Highs in the 70s and low 80s. A couple cold fronts have come through and another is due this weekend with night time lows expected to hit the mid 40s. Mostly shorts weather so far this winter.

Dec 16 Taidong: Another big high pressure system dropping down from north west has brought a cold surge and big winds - supposed to get down to 15 tonight. More of a worry is the massive payload of pollution it has brought from China. Even in Taidong it was smoggy today, which is rare, and in the north it was quite severe apparently. Kind of strange given there is a big wind - must be blowing a constant streamm of the stuff over us from China. Well-spaced rains recently and have only watered vegie garden once in the last few weeks. A kind of weather sandwich formed early Dec with big storms coming in from the north west and also from the east of the island at the same time. Typhoon has just gone through PPE and is now taking a sharp, direct south turn. Haven't seen that before. Saw first drongos today. Blue bird has continued residency in car port. Egrets visiting and hanging out with ducks. Fire-flies finished a week ago. Pretty big earthquake early Dec off the coast of Taidong (5.3) - get out of bed level. Sudden attack of what i think is 'reactive arthritus' about 5 days ago - woke up and couldn't move my wrist and felt like i'd severely sprained it, preceeded by a fever and malaise type feeling. Quite painful for three days before slowly improving. There has been more dbjf activity in Dec than the previous months - usually it's going into the lull period in Dec. PS. Dan, what happened to the 'bold' and 'italic' buttons?

The bold and italics buttons caused conflict with the new settings on the server. Let me see if I can fix it. ... Yeah, doesn't work. You can click on the Basic Editing link at left to find out how to do things the old fashioned way.

Dec 24 Istachatta: Been in the 80's, near 30C every day recently. That's way above average. I was hoping the bugs would go on vacation, maybe head south for the winter. No such luck.

Dec 31 Taidong: No worries Dan - i just worked out how to type the bold in! Very warm Dec following pattern since Oct and 2015 turned out to be the hottest year on record for the planet - that doesn't surprise me coz it's been record heat here. 30 C in Taipei around the 23rd, which was a record for Dec. Haven't seen the figures for Taiwan but assume it would have been a record hot year here in 2015. Wild global weather in the last week of Dec with bushfires in California, and tornadoes in Texas )in Dec!!) followed by blizzards the next day, and record heat in many places in the States. Also floods in northern UK. Meanwhile, a similar story in the southern hemisphere with tonadoes in Sydney, severe bushfires in Victoria that destroyed 200 homes, and floods in Brazil.

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