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Dec 12 Kaohsiung: Winter has definitely arrived. The last week has seen highs between 20 and 25, with lows forecast to dip to the low teens this week. Typical winter weather, though we still haven't had any rain in Kaohsiung. Limited water rationing has started, with water pressure being lowered at night.

Dec 26 Taidong: Had some serious cold weather in dec - as cold as it gets here. No big winter storm this year, moderate dbjf. Finally some decent rain on Dec 25 with a cold front bringing 17.5mm with a low to west of ppe. Still, it's going to be the driest year in the last ten and possibly the driest on record. Saw one firefly two days ago - surprised to see that - and a lone asian giant last week.

Dec 29 Kaohsiung: Standard winter weather for December in Kaohsiung, and standard bad air. Still no meaningful rain. Cool nights in the mid teens and beautiful, sunny days in the low 20s. If it weren't for the air pollution, this would be a great place to spend the winter.

Dec 30 Kaohsiung: This is what is so sad about Kaohsiung. Today the weather is absolutely brilliant. Low 20's, clear, very light breeze, just great. But the air is toxic. If it weren't for this winter season pollution, this would truly be a great city to live in. It's only bad in the winter, too. The summer is generally OK. You can find air quality updates at The PM2.5 is the really bad stuff. It will probably hit 10 here today, which is the highest on the scale.

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